With a dazzling costume, this rap wizard launched its significant conversation about masculinity.

Young Thug does not give a shit about your sentiments.

I’m sorry if that irritants you. You might share a planet, a community, or even a area with the 25 -year-old rapper. But you are not in his arena. Messages hurled at him in rage, abhorrence, or awe seem to roll off his back like water. He precisely doesn’t care.

I like all that is “theyre saying”, he told The Guardian . No matter what they say. You gay, you a punk. You got a nice girlfriend, youre ugly, you cant rap, youre the hardest.

He locateds sentiments aside and starts about his business. And by the way, his business is booming.

His latest mixtape is a great listen, but most people are stuck on the handle.

It’s announced ” JEFFERY . ” That’s Thug’s given name. And he’s on the cover, wearing a startling garment-turned-sculpture, by artist/ designer Alessandro Trincone.

“”JEFFERY”” available everywhere tonight at 12 am est. Hit by: @whoisglp

A photo posted by “”JEFFERY”” (@ thuggerthugger1) on Aug 25, 2016 at 5:21 pm PDT

Part samurai, fraction Scarlett O’Hara, the slouse is tailor-made for someone like Young Thug. Violet ruffles effortlessly fall down his figure. His face is obliterated by a perky parasol hat, a few stray frights in the frame. Front to toe, it’s beautiful.

“When I seen that dress, he told Billboard periodical, I felt like God gave it to me.

Fans and adherents fired back with the kind of commentaries you might expect from the bowels of Twitter. Many questioned his sexuality. Some told him they wouldn’t buy his music. Some even interrogated the virility of everyone who even listened to the album.

Luckily, his supporters were equally, if not more, outspoken.

Erykah Badu even tweeted that Thug’s look reminded her of Andr 3000. And she would know.

This is not Young Thug’s first time pushing back on outdated gender norms.

She told me that she love the way I dress, like a prince but I’m a son.”

He’s tall and sleight of chassis. Like most rappers, he wears chains, rings, and fabulous jewelry. But that’s where a lot of the comparings intention. He rocks wooly Ugg boots and rarely dons children’s dress as T-shirts. You don’t have to “get it” to see that it absolutely works for him.


A photo posted by “”JEFFERY”” (@ thuggerthugger1) on Oct 17, 2015 at 1:38 pm PDT

As a kid, he articulates, he started gambling and used his winnings to pay for his own invests, mainly women’s.

His feet is insignificant enough to wear his sisters’ sheen shoes. But not everyone celebrated Jeffery’s groundbreaking selects.

“My dad would shriek me: Youre not going to academy now, youll humiliate us! But I never contributed a f what parties recall, ” he told Billboard .

So now, 90% of his invests are women’s. And, by any criterion, he seems amazing.

When it comes to swag, theres no gender involved, ” he told Billboard.

Sin life ….

A photo posted by “”JEFFERY”” (@ thuggerthugger1) on Apr 5, 2016 at 3:53 pm PDT

Of course, Jeffery-turned-Young Thug’s music leaves some things( OK, many things) to be desired.

One critic described Thug’s brand of hip-hop as post-verbal. It’s brash. It glorifies guns. It’s misogynistic . It’s homophobic. And as much as I dislike to acknowledges, it’s catchy af.

He’s the first creator to have three Top Five rap albums on the Billboard graphs in one year. He sells out evidences. He’s doing Calvin Klein ads. Teens chant his epithet. White teens, even.

So yeah, when the man who screeches, “I’mma catch your momma, she proceeded f *$% me and my crew” hints he may wear a dress at his uniting, it’s a bit jarring. It doesn’t make sense. But maybe that’s the point.

And as a black gay dame, I’ll admit that Young Thug is more than a bit maddening.

He exists in a really frustrating, sanctimonious intersection. He can cheapen women and wear outfits. He can rap adamantly about not being gay, throwing the word faggot around like confetti, and still have Elton John sing his praises.

Legendary …@ eltonjohn

A photo posted by “”JEFFERY”” (@ thuggerthugger1) on Mar 23, 2016 at 10:39 am PDT

No, Young Thug is not the pitch-black, genderqueer, forward-thinking, rockstar-rapper that so many of us miss him to be . But he is preparing us think about gender criteria and masculinity, and that’s important.

I believe we can continue to push and objection him on the letters he’s put forward by into the world while amply imagining he’ll are beautiful on his wed date in a magnificent dress. We all deserve to feel cozy in our own surface, even people who’s texts we don’t ever agree with.

Young Thug contents because masculinity, and especially black masculinity, isn’t writes to stone.

He’s an creator. He’s a father-god. He’s the 10 th of 11 offsprings. He’s a student of high fashion. He’s here to be himself and experience himself, beliefs be damned.

His style and creativity will undoubtedly inspire a generation of young man to take chances and reject the notion of monolithic black hypermasculinity. And if he can do all that in a dress, why the blaze not ?

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