Will Harry’s Very Bloody Shooting Weekend Appall Animal Lover Meghan Markle?

The prince has been indulging his love of killing again. How will his animal-loving new girlfriend take the bulletin? “>

Prince Harry snuck off to a Bavarian castle for a very brutal weekend of wild boar filming with a European lord known in hunting cliques as the Boar Terminator owing to his prowess with a rifle, just days before his new lover, and animal-rights proponent, Meghan Markle, arrived in London.

The trip is likely to appall Meghan, a passionate champion of animal privileges whose puppies, Bogart and Guy, were rescued from an animal shelter in Los Angeles.

My home of Los Angeles County gives down more puppies per capita than any other metropolitan in the U.S ., she said at the time. So rescuing was a no-brainer.

News of the expedition rose Monday morning, exactly hours after Harry was discerned descending off the Suits stellar at Heathrow airport for a flight, entailing he will likely be investing Christmas without her, as The Daily Beast reported last week.

Harry is expected to join senior royals for conventional celebrations at the queens country owned in Norfolk.

Meghan was smiling as, accompanied by airline faculty, she moved through the airport to get her flight, while Harry was flanked by five police protection officers, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Last week, Prince Harry was a guest at the castle of his pal Prince Franz Albrecht zu Oettingen-Spielberg, according to a report by Daily Mail diarist Sebastian Shakespeare.

Franz is nicknamed The Boar Terminatorone online video alleges to demonstrate him killing a number of operating boar in quick succession, while a kill counter clocks up on the screen below.

Both Harry and Prince William have been criticized for were participating in legal films while simultaneously campaigning against the trophy chase of protected species such as rhinos and elephants.

In 2004, Prince Harry shot and killed a one-ton ocean buffalo while working on a ranch in South America on his chink year.

Carole Middleton is apparently organising a periods killing for Williams pals at a magnificent possession near their home in Berkshire on Boxing Dayas the 26 December is known in the U.K.

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