What you read, watched and shared this year at the Guardian US

Our audience data discovers the most-read tales and most-viewed videos of 2015 including “cat-o-nine-tails” on the international stage and a large facilitating of Trump

While it sometimes feels like the internet is a receptacle for Kardashian photographs and pinnacle 10 schedules, Guardian readers demonstrated this year that serious report matters and, well, so does a knot of cats occupying the stage at a G20 summit.

Thanks to the audience team, the Guardian has readership data related to the articles from our US office, whether they were about major word incidents or Donald Trump( latterly this year, a lot of them were about Donald Trump ).

So here is a look at what you read, watched and shared in 2015.

The most-read news article was the first live blog about the Paris attacks, a world struggle by our powers in the US and abroad.

Major US investigations too dominated the most-read legends especially the interactive for The Counted, a yearlong project keeping track of how many parties were killed by police in the US. In response to the investigation, the FBI said earlier this month that it would modernise its system for monitoring these killings.

The Guardians first story in its investigation into the Chicago police facility known as Homan Square was the fourth most read legend, and as with The Counted, we can see that readers not only clicked on parts from the results of this survey, but too spent a very long time speaking them.

Along with the major investigations, readers wasted most of their era active on a series of shipments from Americas poorest cities. The first dispatch, from Beatyville, Kentucky, braced readers notice longer than all US narratives besides the first Homan Square narrative. The other communiques from Mississippi, Texas and Arizona likewise had high-pitched attention time.

Essential to the investigations and hundreds of other fibs was toil by the interactive crew, which attracted tons of readers with concepts like this depiction of what 1,052 mass shootings in 1,066 daytimes was like.

The most-read index did include some lighter tales if you consider nipping Coca-Colas social media algorithm to send out fronts from Hitlers Mein Kampf to be light. The eighth most popular legend, meanwhile, was about Googles surprise announcement that a new company called Alphabet would rule over it and other affiliated companionships.

Seriously. Sometimes I read a news article and I have to reassure myself that yes, this isnt actually April 1st, and yes, this is a real thing thats happening said commenter Rashad Foux.

Sports was a strong action extremely. Live coverage of the Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao boxing match in May was the most read, followed by live coverage of the three men final at the US Open, where Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in four placeds. Live coverage of the USA womens football units 5-2 World cup finals win over Japan in July was the next-most-read athletics story.

There was also some breathing room from the desolation in the video segment, where the fifth most watched video this year was of “cat-o-nine-tails” treading across the stage of the G20 summit in Turkey.

Cats take the world stage .

The four other most-watched videos were: the Chicago police department release of footage illustrating an officer fatally shooting LaQuan McDonald; Donald Trump calling for a total ban on Muslims registering the US( more on him soon ); Charlie Sheen announcing that he is HIV positive; and fresh from last week Steve Harvey mistakenly crowning Miss Colombia as Miss Universe, instead of the actual win, Miss Philippines.

On the arts desk, readers , not surprisingly, desired the preview of an exhibition of nude likeness of Marilyn Monroe. A story on additional burdens faced by Zayn Malik as a Muslim pa wizard was also in the top read for artistries, together with the story of Bobbi Kristina Brown , who died two months after the legend was published.

But the more popular skills coverage was is characterized by one of the biggest music adepts in the world: Nicki Minaj.

With one question at an gives show, Minaj seduced in readers: And now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press Miley, whats good?

On Twitter, parties cherished the initial news story. On Facebook, and in the arts region in general, Tshepo Mokoenas critique of Taylor Swifts tone deaf response to the incident predominated.

And Minaj herself desired Nosheen Iqbals analysis of the incident from London.


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Speaking of presentation, Donald Trumps run for chairman saturated media coverage this year.

But while the narrative on his proposal to ban Muslims from registering the US and, tellingly, the floor on the reasons he wont win, were extremely well speak, fellow Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson triumphed for most popular political legend of the year.

The tenth most read floor on the area was a look inside Carsons residence, which was replete with portraits of himself alone and with Jesus.

But the tale on whether Donald Trump was a serious presidential candidate had the most observations of all, at 4,733.

Commenter johnwallis4 2 concluded that the answer was no: Of course hes not serious, this is just a stick up, I doubt that even the Donald thought he would get this far; but a low-grade hire huckster like him is going to razz this for all its value … youll know when the slew is impressed because hell disappear in a inhale of hair petroleum scented smoke.

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