WATCH: This Boy Ended To BULLY A GIRL on Facebook& Got A SERIOUSL MMA BEATDOWN In Return!

The local news reported that this brawl started when the guy who gets his ass knocked in the video was operating his lip on the girls Facebook page, saying some nasty acts. She shows up to confront the boy and he proceeded to throw liquid on her.

Then it was on. She judo hurls the boy to the soil and in classic MMA fashion, gives two hateful knees to his head!

One Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, Kit Dale, was so impressed that he got the girls permission to post the bully take down on his Facebook page. Kit said the following about the video and “the worlds biggest” meaning to martial arts 😛 TAGEND

I ever encourage people to learn martial arts to one, have the confidence to walk away it is therefore doesnt affect you, but if it does and you dont have anywhere to back away, sometimes youre going to need that to protect yourself.

The girl did get a exclusion out of the hassle, but the son received a black eye and a lifetime of mortification for get his ass handed to him by way of a female MMA beatdown!

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