Watch Conor McGregor go nuts at the UFC 205 press conference

UFC president Dana White separates Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez during the UFC 205 press conference.
Image: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Oh, Conor McGregor.

What happened? Just a couple days ago the popular mixed martial arts fighter was strolling through New York City, bringing smiles to our faces after a tender and gracious moment with one of his biggest fans, an Irish NYPD officer.

But during Thursday’s press conference for UFC 205 McGregor’s bout with Eddie Alvarez this weekend that compassionate Conor McGregor was nowhere to be found.

As UFC president Dana White spoke at the podium, Alvarez casually dropped a chair in McGregor’s direction.

The nice guy act was done. McGregor went nuts.

McGregor pretty much had it coming, though. During his extravagant arrival on the stage, he snatched Alvarez’s belt, letting the endless cycle of, “Come at me, bro” commence.

This is par for the course when it comes to pre-fight press conferences. There’s a lot of barking, chirping and chest-puffing, particularly for McGregor.

And it appears McGregor hasn’t learned his lesson, either. The Nevada Athletic Commission fined McGregor $75,000 in August when a pre-fight scuffle with Nate Diaz turned into a water-bottle-tossing, energy-drink-can-chucking melee.

There are two very different sides to McGregor, it seems.

In March, he surprised another big fan the fighter noticed an Irish flag and cardboard cutout of himself outside an apartment in Los Angeles, and decided to pay that fan a friendly visit.

But on Thursday, the competitive provocateur in McGregor took over.

So long, Nice Guy Conor. It was fun while it lasted.

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