UK politician’s model girlfriend suspended after reported ‘vile’ Meghan Markle statements

The model girlfriend of a United Kingdom Independent Party leader was suspended from the political party after she reportedly stimulated “racist” statements about Meghan Markle, saying the duchess-to-be has a “tiny brain” and will “taint” the Royal family with “her seed.”

Henry Bolton’s girlfriend, Jo Marney, apologized on Sunday for her “shocking language” in a series of text contents she sent to a pal, the Associated Press reported. The 25 -year-old, who describes herself as a “presenter, music columnist, prototype, performer[ and] Brexiteer, ” said her words were “taken out of context.”

In the verse words, been issued by The Mail on Sunday, Marney said Prince Harry’s “black American” fiancee will pave the way for a “black king” in the British empire. She too announced Markle a “dumb little commoner” who is “obsessed with race.” She reportedly told her friend that she accepted black people were “ugly” and “not[ her] thing.”

“This is Britain. Not Africa, ” she texted. When her friend alleged her of being racist, she replied: “Lol so what … Not wanting other races and cultures to invade your own culture doesn’t make I hate their race. Just intends I don’t want their cultures infesting mine.”

The texts were transported three weeks before her tie-in starting with Bolton, The Mail on Sunday reported.

Bolton, 54, also addressed the incident while is a response to two tweets, including UKIP London Assembly leader Peter Whittle calling Marney’s notes “disgraceful.”

“Jo was suspended immediately following us receiving this information, ” Bolton tweeted.

Bolton was elected UKIP leader in September, Sky News reported. His rapport with Marney has been shrouded in contention since he reported earlier this month that he and his wife Tatiana, 42, separate. Bolton has two children with Tatiana.

The UKIP leader repudiated having a “clandestine affair” with Marney, who is a UKIP member but does not hold an official post in the two parties. The duet reportedly met just before Christmas.

UKIP chairman Paul Oakden too told The Mail on Sunday: “In light of messages that have been brought to my scrutiny, I have taken the decision to immediately suspend her defendant body pending an investigation. Ukip does not, has not and never will forgive racism.”

Markle, who will marry Harry on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, has already been spoke about being biracial and how that affected her acting profession. Kensington Palace released a statement in November 2016 formally addressing Harry’s relationship with the then “Suits” actress and throwing “outright sexism and racism” in articles and social media comments.

Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin, Princess Michael of Kent, also received backlash after she depicted up to a Christmas lunch in December boasting a brooch in a blackamoor style, which romanticizes bondage and is widely considered racially insensitive. She secreted a statement through a imperial rep saying “shes been” “very sorry and distressed” about the reaction the brooch caused.

The Associate Press contributed to this report .

Katherine Lam is a breaking and trending report digital producer for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @bykatherinelam

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