UFC 217: Georges St-Pierre suffocates out Michael Bisping to triumph entitle in comeback

The Canadian star returned from a four-year layoff to choke out Michael Bisping and win the UFC middleweight championship at Madison Square Garden

Georges St-Pierre returned from a four-year layoff and peered through the river of blood that flowed down his face to choke out Michael Bisping and win the middleweight championship at UFC 217 on Saturday night.

” I took this fight to objection myself and I am honored to be endorse once again ,” he said.

St-Pierre’s win in the main event realise it 3 for 3 for the championship challengers at Madison Square Garden in what was readily UFC’s card of its first year. TJ Dillashaw won the bantamweight championship and Rose Namajunas won the strawweight entitle on the pay-per-view card.

UFC 217 goes on the short list of one of the promotion’s great- and a promotion at a crossroads got a vintage act from an MMA lore in St-Pierre and a breakthrough outing from Namajunas that stomped her as the face of the women’s division.

The 36 -year-old St-Pierre had been the UFC’s 170 lb champ for roughly six years, acquiring 12 straight pushes with nine consecutive entitle protections when he walked away. St-Pierre quoth the necessity of achieving a mental breather before he wanted to qualify and engage again.

Against the trash-talking Bisping, St-Pierre fought like he had only four months off , not four years. The Canadian boxer had takedowns in each of the first two rounds as the packed MSG crowd roared for the follower favorite.

St-Pierre’s forehead got busted open and his face was transformed into a scarlet mask. He asphyxiated Bisping in blood as they wrestled on the soil and stood up gazing as if they had just left the decide of a fright film.

St-Pierre( 26 -2) shook it off and slapped a backside naked suffocate at 4:32 of the third to snuff out Bisping and win his 13 th straight UFC fight.

” I don’t have words in my lip right now ,” GSP said, erasing blood from his face.

St-Pierre was one of the UFC’s biggest stellars and pay-per-view pumps during his long reign atop the 170 lb schism, but the Canadian star walked away in November 2013. He’s back- and ready for yet another deed defense.

Namajunas wreaked the MSG crowd to its hoofs with a startling and reigning victory over undefeated Joanna Jedrzejczyk to win the 115 lb strawweight championship.

Namajunas( 17 -3) expended a devastating left that discontinued Jedrzejczyk( 14 -1) and sent the crowd roaring in anticipation of a beatdown. Namajunas pounced on Jedrzejczyk with a series of lefts that purposed the fight in the first round and perhaps signaled the reaching of a brand-new whiz. She wagged her tongue and elongated her forearms wide-cut as she drenched in the dimensions of the her accomplishment.

Namajunas is statute as “Thug” and produced gasp a few years back when she scraped her long, blonde fastenings in favor of a close-cropped cut. She suffocated back rends as UFC president Dana White slapped the championship loop over her shoulder and the love that had booed her on the way into the cage rallied behind her and drowned her out as she spoke about what the victory meant.

” Just confidence, conditioning, coolnes, content that I’m the endorse ,” she said.

The upset is not merely aimed Namajunas’ undefeated run, but she failed to tie Ronda Rousey for the UFC women’s record of six straight successful entitlement defenses.

Namajunas and Jedrzejczyk constituted nose-to-nose during the course of its staredown within the cage.

” In numerous access, Joanna showed me how to be a endorse but too showed me how not to behave as a champion ,” Namajunas said.” I hope tonight changed some of her beliefs about me. I have so much respect for her and for anyone who stairs into the octagon and does this. I’m so happy right now. I can’t wait to get home, look at my plot and take this all in .”

Where else would a woman referred Rose want to go to think about how her profession will be expanded?

Moments subsequently, Dillishaw lowered the undefeated Garbrandt with a right and finished him off in the second round to prevail the 135 lb championship.

Dillashaw( 15 -3) was rocked in the first round and stumbled to his stool when he took a shot to the face to terminate the first. Garbrandt, predicted by many as UFC’s next big star, even ducked under Dillashaw’s left leg as he knocked and did a little dance to the revel of the crowd.

But Dillashaw stupefied Garbrandt with a high left kick to the psyche and then a right fasten that corkscrewed Garbrandt’s body and effectively pointed the contest. White strapped the belt around Dillashaw’s waist as the brand-new bantamweight champ.

” No Love” Garbrandt( 11 -1) earned one of the loudest ovations of the night when he was shown on the screen ambling into MSG. He moved out having lost his shot at taking the next step as UFC’s wannabe breakout star.

Dillashaw won the bantamweight claim in 2014 and had two successful justifications before he lost the belt to Dominick Cruz in 2016.

Paulo Costa help enhance 11 -0 with a second-round strike over Johny Hendricks and Steven ” Wonderboy ” Thompson( 14 -2- 1) put behind bars Jorge Masvidal( 32 -1 3) by unanimous decision for a much-needed win on the other two bouts on the main card.

UFC involved this kind of night with its three biggest virtuosoes on the sideline.

Conor McGregor has not announced any future engages and Rousey invested fight darknes posting on her social media accounts drawings and video from a video game pact in California. Jon Jones’ profession remains in limbo as he faces a potential four-year suspension for his latest doping violation.

McGregor, who claims he wants a stake in UFC as a condition to fight, will likely come to the requirements and play again, perhaps to complete the trilogy against Nate Diaz.

But UFC could just about hang a “Help Wanted” sign on the enclosure opening as it looks for a new wave of PPV hotshots to emerge.

The UFC brand carries more load than the epithets on the pavilion for now and UFC 217 was on gait to become the third-highest grossing boasting happening in MSG history.

UFC loped deemed four posters in New York state over the 12 months and is set to expand its East Coast footprint in 2018. UFC 220 will take place on 20 January at the TD Garden in Boston and a possible return to New Jersey’s Prudential Center on the horizon.

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