UFC 207 will give Ronda Rousey redemption … or cast her to irrelevance

The former champ has hindered a low profile before her return to the enclosure against Amanda Nunes. And no one is sure which Ronda Rousey we will see on Friday

Speaking to the press ahead of her first UFC designation security this Friday in Las Vegas, bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes said shes not sure what the hell is build of her challenger but something seems off.

Its good for me Ronda Rouseys not doing anything, Nunes supposed. I can rest and focus on my training and losing load and thats it.

Nunes isnt the only one marvel whats up with Rousey after one of the most influential representations in the UFC erected a wall around herself during a predominantly self-imposed 13 -month hiatus.

It surely comes across as strange demeanor when an elite soldier, a starring, extends out of their practice to avoid the prominence, but this is what Rowdy Ronda has done since Holly Holm knocked her out in Melbourne last year. When Rousey eventually declared that it was time to fight again, it came with a franchise from UFC president Dana White that the great majority of her promotional duties for UFC 207, including fight weeks traditional photo ops like open workouts and press conferences, were optional.

Rousey claimed they would confuse from her aim of prevailing back the loop, and this is where the picture get muddled for Nunes, who views Rouseys activities as confusing and potentially telling. An overdose on media obligations played a part in the loss to Holm, Rousey suggested, and because she belief some members of the MMA media had been unjustified to her in the aftermath of that act she decided against talking to anyone this time around. That could be why shes hop-skip inquiries. Or it could be another reason, something more mental and to do with avoidance.

White announced it a one off statu, and used to say after the bout he expected Rousey to avail herself to the media.

Ronda has given more than anyone, White said on Wednesday during a media scrum in Las Vegas. If you look at the amount of press to be undertaken by any boxer in UFC history, Ronda smokes everybody by a long-shot. This is the way she missed it. The only occasion she cares about right now is focusing on winning.

Rondas done a lot of things for us. “Its what” she craved so I gave it to her.

When the new-look UFC, owned by WME-IMG, the expertise bureau that appears after Rousey, presaged her return in October, the slogan was simple enough: Shes back. But by conserving a low profile, it seems like Rousey hasnt really reverted at all.

As ever, whenever Rousey is committed the stakes are promoted, which is why the crowd will explosion when she makes her ring saunter prior to Nunes arrival in the cage.

Rouseys night will to go down one of two waystheres no in-between here because she made the lines so striking. She will be relegated or redeemed.

The UFC media darling, a famous and groundbreaking female athlete, faced an overtly vicious social media driven backlash after Holm, rising simply to provide brief peeks into the magnitudes of her woe. Rousey told Ellen DeGeneres in February, for example, that she envisaged suicide.

Much of Rouseys identity was built around more than triumphing. She needed to be a killer, the best of the best.

Rousey stopped 11 of her first 12 opponents in the opening round, and her fame originated far and near. She was such a force that, comparisons to Mike Tyson werent uncommon and Rousey stoked a firestorm of media attention that restated to increasingly strong pay-per-view revenue for the UFC. Then, like Tyson, she was uncovered. Human, end and fragile gazes the same in Tokyo, where Tyson went down to James Buster Douglas, as it does in Melbourne, where Rousey was undone in only over a round.

What am I anymore if Im not this? Rousey amazed after Holm lowered her cold. I was literally standing here thinking about killing myself. In that exact second, Im like, Im nothing. Im like, What do I do anymore? No one passes a shit about me anymore without this.

A few months later, as Rousey shared her recollects on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the deposed champ made it clear that she intended to fight again. DeGeneres praised her for earmarking others who detected a similar anguish to note gallantry in knowing person or persons of prodigious trust and supremacy like Rousey isnt immune to the darkest things.

Nearly every aspect of Rouseys fall make it a unique occurrence in the short but tempestuous history of MMA a perfect whirlwind of sporting excellence, cockiness, the rub of fame, and a uniquely psychological reaction to failure.

All the greats throughout biography, theyve really confused, White told. Ali lost. Tyson lost. Go through the directory of all the greatest soldiers that ever lived. Everybody has a loss. Its ever fascinating and exciting to see if they are unable overcome and comeback from a devastating loss like hers was.

The story of Rouseys recovery will be sorted out in the cage against Nunes, who has taken Rouseys anti-everything location in stride. Nunes won the claim in July by pounding Miesha Tate, and knows a triumph against Rousey could significantly promote her status.

The hard-punching 28 -year-old Brazilian should enjoy some advantages over her American rival. The most obvious revolves around hitting and hard hit. Nunes( 13 -4) lands impress at a solid frequency, and Rousey( 12 -1) has often been on the receiving goal more than molted like. With the damaging capacity of Nunes power and the persisting remembering of Holms victory, its easy to speculate but hard to know for certain how well Rousey will handle the stress. By reaping a line in the sand with the media, Rousey has exited all-in and managed to ratchet up the pressure on herself.

UFC 207 has turned into a tribute of styles to the bantamweight division.

Joining Nunes, the UFCs other 135 lbs champ, Dominick Cruz, has injected as much trash-talking as everyone can treat, taking aim at heavy-hitting challenger Cody Garbrandt. As with all of Cruzs opposes, “the mens” standing opposite him has to be equipped to do various situations in order to compete.

Garbrandt can crack, but if he cant find Cruz( 22 -1) to hit him what good will that do? Pinning Cruz down, holding him and setting up potential offense wont enter easy for Garbrandt, who is so charged up after dealing here Cruzs trash talking that he stormed away during an on-camera interview. That is likely to be be Garbrandt( 10 -0) on push darknes, get carried away and obliging gaffes that expenditure him over the course of a 25 -minute fight.

Also at 135, former bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw( 13 -3) faces the most difficult puncher in the discord, squat mauler John Lineker( 29 -7 ). Its a stylistically fascinating rivalry. Dillashaws movement, make charge and wrestling should mess very well with Linekers straight forward punch-through-a-wall style. The UFC hasnt was indicated that the winner of this tournament is likely to be next in line to appearance Cruz or Garbrandt, but possibilities are he will be.

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