Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko trade insults in buildup to rematch

Tyson Fury propelled a foul-mouthed harangue at Wladimir Klitschko as the pair inaugurated trading insults 10 weeks before their rematch in Manchester

Tyson Fury propelled a foul-mouthed denunciation at Wladimir Klitschko as the pair traded offends before their rematch in Manchester on 9 July.

After the Ukrainian veteran had recommended the new heavyweight endorses likenes was good for boxing and that he looked forward to there being a champion that represents the boast in a good way and is also possible looked up to, Fury responded by mocking Klitschko and doing an parody of him.

He can make all the forgives I was having a bad period, my fingernail smash, Fury said of their first oppose.

Who renders a shit what happened to your fingernails? You went overcome fair and square the first time in Germany. You get whupped.

You will need to be about 1,000 epoches better because you property about four shootings in 12 rounds.

You might be going down as a Hall of Fame fighter but you are hall of dogshit fighter in my eyes.

If the super champion cant land on a big, fatty, lazy Gypsy with a loud mouth, what kind of super champion is he? He must be a shit one.

Fury, who beat Klitschko on stages last-place November in Germany to become world champ, has caused anger by equating homosexuality and abortion with paedophilia and saying a womans best situate is on her back.

The 40 -year-old Klitschko, speaking at the Manchester Arena where the next crusade will be held, said of him: Im not OK with what comes out of Furys mouth, his statements for example that all homosexual men and women and paedophiles belong in the same plaza, in jail basically. That all women belong in the kitchen and on their back.

So that is basically where he considers Elton John and the Queen. To all people who say the same and think the same way out there and to you Fury I want to say fuck off.

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