This buster has a genius impression for how to livestream a pay-per-view and not get caught

Combat sports, like boxingand mixed martial arts, that render telecasts for pay-per-view frown on parties illegally livestreaming their produce, specially when 3 million people get to watch a $99 commodity for free.

And while the UFC and networks like Showtime and HBO are trying to crack down on illegal flows, they’re going to have to deal with the ingenuity of people who are frantic to watch a premium testify without having to pay for it.

Take this love, for example, who livestreamed last Saturday’s UFC PPV but who had an inventive lane to get around anybody shutting down his stream.

And check out his action here.

According to the Verge, the devotee livestreamed the $60 PPV pushed placard on multiple stages, including Twitch, and he feigned that he was playing the UFC 3 video game in order to fool anybody trying to stop illegal streams.

A.J. Lester, the man behind the inventive hypothesi, said on Twitter he had been banned for three days on Liveraise for the stunt. He also said he didn’t expect to go viral.

It was a great idea to create premium athletics content to the masses, but unfortunately, he’s started viral now–one of the tweets proving him has more than 75,000 retweets and 170,000 likes.

However, Twitter and Twitch caught on and stymie those videos. Now it necessitates he’ll have to figure out another way to livestream fightings in the future if he wants to avoid copyright infraction and get himself prohibited from the streaming places he frequents.

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