These 15 Self-Defense Tips Could Actually Save Your Life One Day

When you consider that a violent crime occurs every 25 seconds in the U.S., it becomes extremely clear why self-defense training is not only necessary but also life-saving.

But not everyone knows something as simple as always having mace on you or how to fight off a frontal attack. That’s why we’re here!

Here are some basics to keep you alive and well if or when you find yourself in a jam.

1. If you feel like you are going to be attacked in an elevator, quickly press all the buttons.

It will be difficult for someone to attack you if the doors are opening at every floor.

2. Know where the basic pressure points are. This way you won’t exert a ton of energy and you can run away quickly.

3. This simple movement could help you get away if someone grabs your wrist.

4. Have pepper spray? Excellent start. Now you need to learn how to use it effectively.

5. If you feel like someone behind you is going to attack, take your hair out of your ponytail or braid.

Ponytails and braids are easier to grab onto as opposed to when your hair is down.

6. Shout, and shout LOUDLY.

The last thing an attacker would want is to attract unwanted attention. Not only that, but shouting could also give you a boost of fierce energy that’ll help you defend yourself more effectively.

7. Get the Stay Safe app for your phone.

This app will allow you to input a time estimate for when you are supposed to get home. If you’re not home by said time, the app will alert the emergency contacts you select.

8. Zip ties are a common means of restraint. If you find yourself tied up, here’s how to escape.

9. Punching someone in the Celiac plexus (solar plexus) will knock the wind out of them, leaving them gasping for air.

If you have the opportunity to hit someone there, it is a great place to attack.

10. During a home invasion, you could head for the kitchen.

You know where you have knives, spices, and plates stored that can be used as weapons. The invader usually does not. But if you can call 911 and hide in a safe location or, better yet, escape, do that instead of attempting to fight an invader.

11. Get yourself one of these stylish rings that could definitely be used as a weapon in a pinch.

Sharp jewelry and blunt tools can be used as self defense weapons.

12. Never stand still.

If there’s one thing you should notice about professional fighters, it’s that they are always moving. Don’t be a stationary target. Utilize your elbows, knees, and legs, too.

13. The guillotine choke is one of the most basic and easy-to-learn moves in jujitsu and it’s extremely effective from either a standing position or from your back. Here’s how to do it.

14. One of the most effective places to attack someone is the knee.

If someone is attacking you, kick their knee. It’s nearly impossible to defend, unlike an attack anywhere else on the body. Not only that, but it can be incredibly painful and will help you gain time to run away.

15. When all else fails, RUN.

If you can outrun and evade an attacker, there’s no way they will even touch you. (This is yet another reason that consistent cardio workouts are a good idea!)

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If this post has whet your appetite for self-defense, you should definitely look into taking a martial arts class. It will only expand your knowledge and will help keep you safe in the long run.

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