Theresa May Would Be the Best PM for British Sanitybut Boris Johnson Will Be Back

Michael Gove may have successfully schemed Boris Johnson’s downfall, but his political life may yet be long. Until then, Theresa May is best placed to clear up the Brexit mess.”>

Even the showrunners of Game of Thrones could not have designed a better Season One finale for the boffo Brexit dramedy.

First, the justice minister Michael Gove, formerly shed as the trusty Tonto to Boris Johnsons Lone Ranger in the Leave campaign, expresses disappointment at Boriss chaotic manner since the voting rights to get out of Europe and proclaims hes going to stand for Conservative Party leader( i.e ., next “ministers “) himself.

The two men are both ex-journalists, but they fill very different bed of the British class hierarchy. The adopted son of a Scottish fishmonger, the state-educated Gove absence the divine-right/ Old Etonian/ toff high gloss that Johnson shares with David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, and many of their cabinet colleagues.

Hes a clever humankind, but also a antagonistic and ungainly one. As Education Secretary he fell down with the teachers; as Justice Secretary he alienated the Criminal Bar Association. British television and radio were submerge on Wednesday with clips of him saying over and over that he didnt want to be “ministers “, that he didnt think he had the necessary skills. But that was yesterday.

Goves wife is loud-mouthed columnist Sarah Vine who writes, often about their marriage, for the right-wing Daily Mail. Thanks to an email Vine accidentally sent to the incorrect address, prescribing her boffin spouse Do not concede any ground. Be your tenacious better, Brits have been savoring her unmasking as the Leave campaigns Lady Macbeth.

Then today we get the Sweeps Week kicker. After pushing the UK off the Brexit cliff, Boris Johnson announces his shock decision not to run after all for the reward he has sought since toddlerhood: to be commander of the Tories and thus the next prime minister.

Having consulted colleagues and in view of the specifics of Parliament, I have concluded that person cannot be me, he said.

Boris-haters, nonetheless, shall not be required to be gloating too soon. To close students of the thatched jesters successful decoration of faux-improvisational job moves, his announcement is not that much of a amaze. Negotiating the UK exit from Europe will require the academic rigor of an Alexander Hamilton. Boris is more the impulsive Aaron Burr type.( Burr, you will recall, culminated up trying to start his own country in the western wilderness after Jefferson outmaneuvered him for the conference of presidents .)

Boris assumed everyone would understand that conducting the Brexit campaign was just a bit of swashbuckling but innocuous gestural politics.( Gove apparently thought so, extremely; until a triumphant Sarah Vine wakened him from his dozes the morning after the voting rights, he had penciled in a take-your-daughter-to-work day .)

For Boris, a fast depart from the mess hes made may turn out to be an wholly habitual part of brand-preserving cunning.

In an era of Snapchat politics, when memories disappear in a news round or two, Boris can waste the summer doing what hed rather do anyway: writing a bestseller in some agreeable hired villa in Tuscany or the Dordogne( aka Europe ), after which he was able to stand again for the Tory leadership at the next available opportunity.

He leaves the mess for his likely successorHome Secretary Theresa May, 59, currently at 36 percent in the referendums against Andrea Leadsom and Stephen Crabb at 7% and George Osborne at 4% to clean up. Because isnt that what wives ever do?

The good news for May is that the UK, after being shipwrecked by Boriss charm, might now be ready for presidential candidates who, Hillary-like, has always been tagged with the unrelatable description. May has latterly been outshone in the media by the new females rising in UK politicswomen like Ruth Davidson, the kick-boxing lesbian lead of the Scottish Conservative Party who subdued Boris in a pre-Brexit conversation, and the staunchly human Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish National Party leader who may be the biggest natural political talent since Tony Blair.

But Theresa May has grit. Her guarded demeanor, like Hillarys, is a generational female justification against sexist obstacles.

The daughter of a vicar and the granddaughter of an Army sergeant major, she has a resum that sounds like the libretto for HMS Pinafore.

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