The Secrets About Fight Club Exposed


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When one thinks of the fight clubs, the picture that automatically comes to mind is of well maintained, strong willed fighters, giving everything they can into the fights even at the cost of their own lives. Well despite all the laws and precautions, there are some real fight clubs in secret locations where people from all sorts of life gather to witness these grueling competitions. Anyways the focus is that, not all fight clubs are of this fearsome type and for some it really disillusions them when they come across phony, overrated guys who think beating each other makes them tough guys. Well the secret is, one would hardly find tough club fighters pounding each other with toilet seats or is that how the fight club really operates?

Well the message behind this view is that many of the so called fight clubs are simply playful ones, more like an entertainment! Simply actors. Indeed there are the fight clubs formed by teenage boys, wanting to feel macho and tough like they see in movies. They may form a band of fight groups, challenging one another in fights that are not too destructive and most are just playful stuffs. Maybe these are in a way harmless too. But what about the grown up adults having secure jobs and stature pounding each other just for the sake of it. Actually there are many of this type of fight club that is more or less a sad version of the real fight clubs.

Anyhow, the real secrets behind joining one fight club or another lies on the individual themselves. Somehow being a member of the fight club seems to give them a sense of toughness. Well some may dispute this but yes, for some all these are simply pleasures to be involved, maybe like a hobby?

When we hear of fight clubs, we simply think of tough men and women giving everything that they have into the fights, and it’s often a very bloody affair. However one secret behind all of the so called fight clubs is not really toughness and integrity. It’s somewhat funny. Just imagine, to make yourself tougher, wearing a fencing mask and whaling away with frying pans and tennis rackets is not toughness. Or is it? It’s childish!

Maybe the notion that fight club fighters are rough and tumble beings, ready to do anything really attracts the guys. Another secret maybe that they love to hear people say “you did WHAT? Man that’s something!” reaction and they feel so great!

Well another reason why not all fight clubs are that attractive and remarkable; you see the so called fight club is used as a way to direct and defuse frustrations in their life, work etc and take it out on something else. It also works as a therapy for some! But hey, pounding each other to a pulp doesn’t sound a great impulse and yes, many uses fight clubs to channel their personal frustration into the fights. As such not many find these fight clubs to be beneficial; it’s more of an entertainment but then the fighters, the REAL ones, are good.

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