The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Fight Is One of the Most Shameless Money Grabs Ever

After more than a year’s worth of impudent self-promotion and winking boasts that seemed like nothing more than a behavior to keep two of the world’s best-known boxers firmly in the 24 -hour news cycle, the fight is eventually, actually happens now.

As first reported by Yahoo, the formerly-retired, undefeated five-division champion boxer and unrepentant domestic abuser, Floyd Mayweather, will enroll the ring and take over the only combat plays pro in “the worlds” who can coincide him for strutting, braggadocio and profligate expend, mixed martial artist and current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, in Las Vegas on August 26 at T-Mobile Arena.

Make no mistake, even with the constant media churn that’s sure to burble merrily along from now until the opening buzzer, it’s going to be an horrible, boring engage, and McGregor is going to get pantsed. So why did all the parties involved agree to go ahead with what’s sure to be a grisly, flabby sight? The react is simple-minded and, well , not that simple: coin.

Mayweather-McGregor may very well attract as many eyeballs to Showtime, which snagged the pay-per-view claims, as any bout in history–topping the 4.6 million who tuned in to witness the previous ” Fight of the Century” between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The UFC in particular is enlisting on the idea that casual , non-combat sports fans will plunk down what’ll be brought to an end being north of $100 to gawk at this hype-inflated silliness, even if a respectable clump of specific populations will avoid it wholly because, again, Mayweather is a misogynist who has beaten up women and hasn’t come close to rationalizing. Not ever.

The Daily Beast spoke with Daniel Roberts, who has crossed Mayweather extensively for Deadspin, to ask whether all the hoopla might at least make for an interesting, if substance-free spectacle , not unlike when Muhammad Ali stepped into the ring to face off against the Japanese grappling adept, Antonio Inoki.

“No,” he supposed. That bout actually cleared for a compelling bit of entertainment, because of the mingling of styles and techniques, with Inoki wrestling and Ali boxing. McGregor, with a little more than 2 month to learn an entirely new athletic, with different gauntlets, stances, protections, and symbolizes astonishing an opponent, doesn’t stand a chance.( There are a few times of McGregor sparring that are publicly available, and he doesn’t look good. Not at all .)

” It’s like questioning Michael Phelps to challenge Usain Bolt in a foot race ,” announced Roberts, restating a previous tweeted quip of his.

Karim Zidan, an associate writer for and a columnist for Sports on Earth and OpenDemocracy, repetition those sentiments. “Ugh,” he exhaled.” This is nothing more than a circus play … It’s all about fund .”

” It’s an humiliating concept for both boasts ,” Roberts answered,” It’s like Donald Trump’s entire business vocation: a short-sighted, poorly-done coin grasp .” Furthermore, the facts of the case that Mayweather signed on is indicative that he, despite raking in $225 million after demolishing Pacquiao, may have somehow managed to fritter much of it away. Again.

Now, Mayweather can restock his bank account without so much as interrupting a sweat, a tack he’ll maybe take again five years from now when he’s burned through the upwards of $200 million he’ll pay from this fight. To get an idea to seeing how little Mayweather has to worry about McGregor, Roberts likened it to a well-educated individual being paid millions to objection Sarah Palin on Jeopardy !

McGregor, though, remains convinced he can drag this off, even if his honchoes don’t really have his back. According to Roberts, though you won’t hear any UFC say so out loud,” No one at the[ UFC President] Dana White stage conceives for a second that he’s got a prayer .”

Consider the profile of McGregor is issued by GQ in February in which he waxed poetic about his” large-hearted dance sack ,”[ italics theirs ], told you he wanted to look for “[ Khloe Kardashian’s] big-hearted fatten ass” while he was in Malibu, put the kibosh on the opportunities offered by MMA soldiers organizing trade union organizations, wheeled his eyes at anti-Trump protesters, and was argued that a new age-scented bootstrapping self-reliance was the responses to everyone’s troubles. All in all, like Mayweather, he comes across as an pretentious and moronic ass who considers his earnings confirm not only his smug preening, but his entire blinkered worldview.

To the amaze of no one who’s followed his career to appointment, McGregor also says he can take Mayweather out, quoting the size of Mayweather’s head as evidence, somehow.” I sleep parties ,” he announced.” I give beings unconscious. I’m territory information. If I affect that mortal, his head is gonna go into the bleachers. You understand that? If I crack that little heads of state of his, it’s gonna travel clean off his shoulders and up into the bleachers .”

As to what Mayweather’s strategy will be, Roberts said he’ll possibly mimic … Homer Simpson.

” Remember the Homer Simpson boxing escapade where his whole thing was,’ Let the other guy perforate until they get depleted and then knocking him over ?'” Roberts asked.” The only change is, Floyd is going to attain Conor miss instead of merely assimilating all the punches because[ Homer Simpson’s] got a super-thick skull .”

So then why would UFC agree to do this? Specially when, as Nazim and Roberts secured, MMA’s highest-profile star is destined to abide a serious ass-kicking, one that in all likelihood will dim their best-known fighter’s star power?

From the UFC’s perspective, Roberts clarified, the fact that they’ve sanctioned this match shows that they’re either frantic for a huge payday, or, with Ronda Rousey retired, McGregor’s continued presence and happiness is so essential to their future earnings, they had no choice but to grant his every desire. In either case–or if both prove to be true–it’s indicative that the UFC is not negotiating from a position of financial strength.

Roberts likewise noted that all parties are contractually barred from disclosing how the final handbag is likely to be partitioned, which in and of itself proving that Mayweather had” significant leveraging” in peace negotiations, and is very likely to end up taking residence a very big slice of the total revenue.

” I guarantee you that’s because[ the UFC] went destroyed ,” he did.” McGregor will pay far more than he would have had he chosen to defend his UFC title; he &# x27; s going to be taking an embarrassingly short side of this, and I think it shows the financial distress that the UFC’s in right now, because WME/ IMG greatly overpaid for this. $ 4 billion for the UFC was a huge mistake .”( The UFC did not respond to multiple requests for explain prior to book .)

In a follow-up meaning, Roberts clarified,” The UFC’s obligation loading is public knowledge. Even federal regulators have prudence on it .” Patrick Wyman, who writes about MMA for Washington Post and Deadspin, added that while the UFC fared well in 2015 and 2016, 2012 and 2014 were “disastrous” for the company’s bottom line.

Much of their 2016 earnings originated via four total pay-per-view McGregor and Rousey battles, each of which gave more than $50 million, according to Wyman.” The UFC’s business model is fantastically volatile ,” he responded.” It reaches steady income from its TV privileges slews( Fox in the U.S ., BT Sport in the U.K ., etc .), but pay-per-view is still where the real earnings lie .”

When it came to the Mayweather-McGregor mediations, Wyman agreed with Roberts’ assertion that they caved to McGregor’s requires because they had no choice, even if it intends adjusting him up for a demeaning defeat.

” The UFC needs to find some room to make a profit off Conor McGregor in 2017 if they can’t get him into the cage–which they can’t. My guess is that WME-IMG is managing international dispensation for Mayweather-McGregor and that’s how they’re getting paid ,” Wyman suggested.

” Making, suppose, $25 to $50 million from those dissemination bargains is better than get good-for-nothing out of McGregor for a whole time and praying he comes back to the crease in 2018.”

But if the most hyped fight in recent remembrance entered about as a result of the grisly economic worlds of the UFC and the Mayweather’s need to re-feather his nest, it realise for a pretty bleak future and overall outlook if you’re a fan of either play.

” These the situation is bleak ,” Roberts pronounced, adding that many high-profile MMA and boxing phenomena originate thanks to some unseemly and self-interested financial troops that attend little about the damage done to either sport’s long-term sustainability and honour.” That’s kind of the nature of engagement athletics. This one is particularly unfortunate .”

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