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RTAG 3 TTThe owner told Bored Panda DTAG 12 TT DTAG 13 TT Move over Putin: Trudeau for most sporting global leader?

( CNN) It looks like Vladimir Putin has some competitorfor the entitle of most athletic global leader. Sure, the Russian President might waste his free time shirtless horseback riding and his U.S. equivalent Barack Obama can dance the tango, but the Internet is going ga-ga over a photograph of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showing off his yoga abilities.

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4 Intellect I Traded In My Yoga Mat For Boxing Gloves

Between the ages of 4 and 14, I dove profoundly into ballet. In the sixth point, I embarked taking yoga and pilates as part of my regular fitness regimen. However, a part of me still longed for the strict, high-intensity civilize I once experienced in the tae kwon do categorizes my brothers took. As its first year changed, I decided …

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Yoga Female Fitness workout together, ,Yoga Workout Beautiful woman teaching Advanced Yoga Poses

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