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Crush of the week: Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter plays the super-strong title character, a bracing mix of abrasive, irritable, funny and disappointed Years ago, a friend gave me a copy of the first issue of Alias, a comic he assured me I would like very, very much. It centred on Jessica Jones, a hard-drinking, costumed superhero-turned-private-investigator in New York, working through her cases and her issues. And I loved …

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Star Trek Beyond review – a watchable adventure still heavy on the bromance

Zachary Quintos Spock remains the real star of the latest instalment, even if Idris Elbas Krall could have been given more to do Here is the latest of the rebooted Star Trek franchise with Justin Lin (of the Fast And Furious movies) taking over direction and the first in which Britains own Simon Pegg assumes co-scripting responsibilities, with TV writer …

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