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Michael Avenatti on the Hunt for Stormy Daniels Parking-Lot Assailant

In the months leading up to the 2016 U.S. general elections, I was in talks with Stormy Daniels’ clique about having her come forward to discuss her suspect thing with then-candidate Donald Trump. We’d established Daniels’ contend of an extramarital Trump tryst with three informants, including fellow porn whiz Alana Evans, and were waiting on Daniels to run it, as …

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Sean Hannity Is Losing His Mind Over Jimmy Kimmel

The feud between Sean Hannity, Fox News’ resident wannabe MMA fighter, and Jimmy Kimmel reached even greater levels of ridiculousness on Friday, with the self-proclaimed non-journalist repeatedly accusing the late-night host of being “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” In a series of unhinged tweets, Hannity pointed to clips of Kimmel’s past satirical sketch-comedy series The Man Show, which ran from 1999 to …

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