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Paddle Board Boxing Is Lethal And Somehow Still Hilarious

Looking for a clean practice to settle a score with a chum this summer? Look no further than paddle board boxing, friends. In a recent video uploaded onto YouTube by Devin Super Tramp, we’re shown what I’d consider the only boasted worth participating in this summer. Other than that, sports probably aren’t worth the sweat. Super Tramp and his squad …

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Quiz show contestant acquires prize with the unlikeliest refute ever

Tasha and Jo wait to see if their explanation is pointless enough .Image: BBC/ TwiTTER/ @RUTH_GLEGGY/ MASHABLECOMPOSITE This has to be the best “pointless” answer on gameshow television. Tasha and Jo were contenders on the BBCs Pointless, a quiz establish where challengers try to get the least quantity of levels by granting rebuttals that no-one else can come up with. …

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