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6 Helps Of Driving Out On Your Age That You Likely Never Thought About

If you’re anything like me, your menstrual cycle can be a distressing meter. Between the cramping and the shitty climates, it’s merely not a good time. My customary redres to this is microwaving one of those buckwheat warming pillows, having Nutella for breakfast, and taking a long nap. For real, I can’t say enough of the significance of giving yourself …

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My workout: ‘Mixed martial arts is a lot like chess’

Richard Newman, 50, on what it takes to be a mixed martial arts fighter I have been a policeman for 25 years and a detective for 15. A few years ago, a friend of mine who practised mixed martial arts (MMA) asked if I wanted to do a couple of rounds with him, to help him prepare for an upcoming …

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5 Foolproof Hairstyles That Will Last Through Even The Toughest Workout

Nothings worse than being in the middle of a HIIT circuit and constantly getting a mouthful of your own long locks. Last time I checked, hair was not a part of my macros. There are plenty of excuses to skip a workout a marathon, impromptu margs with your girlfriends, free burrito day at Chipotle, or even your bedlooking extra cozy …

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