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Ashanti Faces Her Longtime Stalker In Court AGAIN For A Creepy Cross-Examination!

Ashanti ‘s stalker nightmare continues. To catch you up, Devar Hurd has been stalking the vocalist and her family since 2003, went to prison for a couple years in 2009 for moving Ashanti’s mom pictures of himself masturbating, and has since continued the gross behavior. This week, practically 13 times since this all embarked, Hurd inaugurated his third experiment for …

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Blind Prophet Who Predicted 9/11 Too Prophesied The World Domination Of Vladimir Putin’s Russia& Said Donald Trump Will ‘Bring The Country Down’

A blind mystic who has a pretty great track record at prophesying world-wide cataclysms formerly made a startling prediction about Russia’s rise to power. Many of Baba Vanga’s prognosis have come true with eerily similarity — including her forecasts of 9/11, the rise of ISIS and the Boxing Day tsunami, despite the oracle having been killed in 1996 at age …

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How Jessica Chastain Administered Being Slapped By Her Mother’s Boyfriend As A Child: ‘I Just Kicked Him In The Genitals’

Being bullied by someone more powerful than you? Kick’ em in the gonads! That’s what worked for Jessica Chastain when she was a young child going abused by her mother’s then-boyfriend. Covering WSJ magazine’s Genius and Legends February issue, the Molly’s Game star echoed having to physically stand up for herself as a young girl. Related: Jessica Rally Around Catt …

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