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Kangaroo in ‘grieving’ photos may have killed while trying to copulate, scientist says

Dr Derek Spielman, a elderly speaker in veterinary pathology, says it is gross misunderstanding to consideration kangaroo was cradling succumbing mate Far from sorrowing the loss of his teammate, the male kangaroo drawn in heartbreaking viral photograph with its injured female friend might have been responsible for her death while attempting to mate with her, experts say. The epitomes, taken …

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Police clutched 1.1 tonnes of cocaine in one of Australia’s largest stimulant carry

Fifteen guys detained reportedly part of audaciou and greedy criminal consortium attempting to smuggle 500 kg of cocaine into NSW and 600 kg through Tahiti Australian authorities have busted a blatant and selfish alleged international stimulant smuggling reverberate over the Christmas season, following a two-and-a-half year investigation. About 500 kilos of cocaine were abducted in an operation at Parsley Bay …

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Life mocks Rocky as little-known Jeff Horn teaches Manny Pacquiao a lesson

Horn, a former Brisbane school teacher, was nearly ruled out after a pummelling from Pacquiao in the ninth, but pushed back for a famed victory The eighth instalment of the Rocky series was unexpectedly liberated on Sunday afternoon in Brisbane when former “teachers ” Jeff Horn defeated boxing lore Manny Pacquiao in a unanimous decided not to triumph the WBO …

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