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10 of best available European cities for artistry deco designing

Art decos straight lines and daring figures were an expression of early-2 0th-century creed in engineering and progress. Here are 10 metropolis around Europe that best showcase this exuberance Art deco began in France during the first world war and went on to accompany persons under the age of jazz, Josephine Baker, concoctions, convertibles and talking pictures. While artwork nouveau …

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Taking photos of Holocaust survivors helped me find my own identity

Harry Bordens leader didnt often am worried about being Jewish, so it was left to Harrys grandmother to stir him experience his patrimony was special. And when his wedlock culminated, it proved invaluable My dad, Charlie Borden, was birth in New York in 1929, the only son of Jewish immigrants who had moved to the US as children. “His fathers” …

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