Study Reveals How Long The Average Man Really Lasts In Bed

You can do a lot in six hours. Boil and egg and then under-cook another, has taken part in two rounds of boxing, play video games of FIFA online, get your ass knocked by a 7-year-old and departure the game around the hour score when you’re failing 4-0, climb a tree. The options are interminable. Oh, and sexuality. You can have sex and contact orgasm .

Reddit user Randal Olson stumbled across a paper from the Journal of Sexual Medicine- looks just like you do- and it revealed that the average soldier will last-place a whole six hours in bed.

The sees are based on a four week analyze during which 500 duos aged themselves from the moment the little fella went in, until the point of ejaculation. Starting and stopping the timer “couldve been” chip of a moment assassin, perhaps?

The majority of guys lasted between four and eleven hours. The quickest was six seconds, and the longest 53 times. The 53 minute person had to be drunkard, just saying. Anything over 21 times is considered out of the ordinary. So what can we learn from this other than the obvious? Well, Porn lied. Who’d have known it eh.

In the meantime, here’s a random buster playing 17 sungs in six times. The next time person asks you how long you have been able last, just say that you formerly lasted for 17 psalms .

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