Ronda Rousey& Holly Holm Rematch Is On! UFC President Assures Fans Fight Is ‘Going To Happen’ Soon!

This is gonna be the fight of the century!

As soon as Ronda smacked the soil, people started conjecturing whether the pair would ever have a rematch … and it seems like we’re closer to get an answer than ever.

During an interview with ESPN Radio on Thursday, UFC president Dana White pretty much strengthened the fight, responding:

“[ It’s] a when not an if. Ronda Rousey has extended undefeated; she’s taken the sport to another level and trounce the best women in the world in 14 seconds, 30 seconds. She deserves a rematch. Holly agrees she deserves a rematch. We’ll person it out.

That’s the fight that’s was gonna happen. I don’t know when, but that’s the fight.”

Sounds good to us!

Ronda has been recuperating after her loss, but assured love via Instagram that she was healing neatly, so we bet this rematch happens sooner than later.

Are U #TeamRonda or #TeamHolly ??

[ Image via Ronda Rousey/ UFC/ Instagram .]

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