Roman Gonzalez adds super flyweight loop to burgeoning nature deed collection

Boxings excellent pound-for-pound soldier Romn Gonzlez added a fourth world championship loop by demolishing Carlos Cuadras in a super-flyweight clash

Boxings best pound-for-pound fighter Romn Chocolatito Gonzlez added a fourth world-wide championship region on Saturday by demolishing Carlos Cuadras in a super-flyweight clang at the Forum in Los Angeles. The Nicaraguan, 29, won the World Boxing Council 115 -pound belt in a unanimous decision and abides undefeated( 46 -0 ).

With his fourth world title belt, Gonzlez succeeded his mentor and countryman, Alexis Arguello, who acquired three world titles. Chocolatito, who quit academy after the fifth grade and acted as a door-to-door salesman in between hearings in the gym, was formerly brought about by Arguello, a famous fighter and contentious political figure in his homeland. He was a father figure to me, suggested Gonzlez. I will never be better than Arguello. He is the schoolteacher. I am his son. He will always be No1.

In what will be applauded as a fight of its first year campaigner, the action was constant for 36 enraged minutes. In the early rounds, Gonzlez pressured Cuadras with a relentless criticize full of multiple combinations to the manager and mas. Cuadras couldnt counter pierce because he was back-peddling furiously. When he did step forward to try and control the ring, he was able to land some ability perforates, but the Nicaraguan was too fast with his hands and hoofs. Gonzlez continuously beat him to the pierce. He is strong, but my combinings were certain differences tonight, replied Gonzlez.

As the fight went into the middle rounds, Cuadras varied his tactics and started moving laterally. Gonzlez strove with the changing of strategy for a round or two as Cuadras frequently territory his left fix to the side of his rivals synagogue. Gonzlez was able to weather the sanction. He had studied with Gennady Golovkin at a high-altitude training camp to give himself a third lung and his fitness proved. Cuadras who sparred 200 rounds, more than he had ever done for a fight was equal to the chore, too. Both soldiers never stopped piercing such as the fight went into the championship rounds. According to CompuBox, they hurled 1,872 punches( Gonzlez territory 322, Cuadras property 257.) At the end of the 12 th both men raised their hands in victory, but it was obvious which fighter had really acquired.

The scorecards were presented to the ring MC. Cuadras formerly omnipresent smile passed path to battered resignation. Dozens of beings in the crowd curved Nicaraguan flags and sung Nicaragua! The scorecards( 117 -1 11; 116 -1 12; 115 -1 13) were in favor of Gonzlez who had tolerated one of his toughest tests as he outsmarts his idol, Arguello, who died in 2009. Arguello struggled but was never be permitted to triumph a fourth load department, twice losing by stoppage to Aaron Pryor in the early 1980 s. Cuadras, disturbance, escaped the ring and rushed to his dressing room.

In the fights build-up, the undefeated Mexican( 35 -1- 1) played a wise-cracking foe, sucking Chocolatito milk at a news conference and questioning people in the gym: Why is everybody ask me why Im so happy? Do you are willing to to be symbolize?

If thats what he has to do to pump himself up, its no problem for me, spoke Gonzlez, never cracking a smile.

That these two fighters have received so much attention is unusual. Fight devotees often dont idea fighters under 130 pounds as main attractions. The 5ft 3in Gonzlez has fought several times as a co-headliner with middleweight Golovkin, who demolished Kell Brook six hours earlier in London. But it was a testament to Gonzlezs growing popularity, and exalted abilities, that his length didnt trouble. There is almost 7,000 beings in attendance at the storied Forum, and HBO rightly peculiarity the fight as a main event.

HBO, the most prominent premium network in boxing, has seriously curtailed its investing in the boast this year, baffling boxing love and transporting shock waves through the economic aspects of the play. Its been a down year in boxing as promoters clash and substantiate matchmaking cowardice, forestalling super combats, such the unrequited Canelo lvarez versus Golovkin matchup. Even Manny Pacquiao, who has always tried to face the fiercest challengers, has chosen to fight unheralded Jessie Vargas, a fight that will be produced on pay-per-view by Top Rank, Pacquiaos promoter. HBO didnt want to broadcast it. Video networks are reacting to promoters ineptitude and infighting by forestalling the athletic.

But on Saturday, devotees worldwide were able to see how stunning boxing is also possible, as one Roman Gonzlez of the tough streets of Managua grew super flyweight champion of the world.

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