Paige VanZant removes racy videos after reaction from UFC soldiers

UFC star Paige VanZant upset companion fighters with a series of racy videos on Instagram that she posted to promote her brand-new Reebok clothing line, Black and White.

The 23 year old-fashioned Strawweight taunted her 246,000 Twitter partisans by attracting up her white shirt to show off her gut and speaking seductively as she chatted about how much she cherishes the clothes.

VanZants videos have since been deleted, but they were captured on YouTube before they faded.

The divulge videos did not sit well with some of VanZants fellow MMA fighters. They immediately rushed on social media to criticize her.

Fighter Angela Hill showed the videos were reminiscent of a copulation ad.

While fellow MMA fighter Lauren Murphy responded, I believed this is only bogus. I envisaged this was a fake ad.

UFC contend Jeremy Kennedy showed outrage over the ambiance of the videos.

But some of VanZant’s fans clapped back at her critics.

Another wrote, Oh no, Paige Vanzant did a seductive video let’s all have a s–t fit about it and then watch Felice Herrig do the same situation and say nothing.

VanZant left up several epitomes promoting the line on her Instagram account.

VanZant has been busy outside of the ring lately. In February, she inked volume batch.

“It’s a memoir. Obviously beings learned a bit about my past and my narrative and I certainly haven’t told everything there is and it’s something I feel like I wouldn’t be able to say out loud so a book is the perfect road, ” VanZant told FOX Sports in December 2016.

VanZant did not immediately revert Fox News is asking for commentary about backlash.

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