Olympic Boxing for Beginners


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There are couple of Olympic sports which have the historic tradition that Olympic boxing has actually built throughout the years.
Terrific boxers such as Oscar de la Hoya, George Foreman, and “The Greatest” himself, Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay) have combated and prospered on the international stage at the Summertime Olympic Games. Nowadays, it lives on as one of the more popular, and in some cases questionable, Olympic sports. Whether you’ll be viewing along with 13,000 other fans at the Employee’s Indoor Arena, or enjoying from the comfort of your very own home, let’s prepare yourself for boxing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with this fundamental history and explanation of Olympic boxing.

Surprisingly, the first modern Olympics didn’t include boxing as an Olympic sport. The reason? It was thought about too violent. However, in 1904 boxing debuted at the St. Louis Olympic Games, albeit only as a demonstration sport. In 1908, boxing was consisted of as a medal sport in London, but was as soon as again, not a part of the Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden 4 years later. Finally, in the 1920 Olympic Games, boxing went back to remain (there were no 1916 Olympics).

There has actually never been ladies’s boxing in the Olympic Games, though in 2012 there will be for the very first time ever. Rather properly, London will host those Summer seasons Olympics, considering that London was likewise host when boxing first appeared as a medal sport in 1908.

Olympic boxing is significant for numerous factors. For one, there are actually 2 bronze medals in Olympic boxing. Each loser in the 2 semifinal bouts receives a bronze medal. Also, the boxing competition is a single removal one, so there is very little margin for error- really, there is none.

Some of the rules and guidelines of Olympic boxing are different from the professional boxing ones that numerous fans are more acquainted with. Olympic boxing separates rivals into twelve weight classes, varying from light flyweight (roughly 106 pounds) to extremely heavyweight (over 200 pounds). Likewise, all rivals are made to use headgear, similar to amateur boxing in the United States.

Some of the rules of Olympic boxing, particularly the scoring and judging system, have actually been questionable over the years. In Olympic boxing, points are scored by striking the challenger in the head or upper body, as long as it is a legal blow. Judges do not score the bouts by round, giving ten indicate the winner. Instead, they utilize an electronic scoring system to sign up how many punches land.

When a punch lands, the judge presses a button, and if 3 of the five judges do so, a point is signed up. Judges should also strike the button within one second of the others. However, if a flurry is exchanged, judges are informed to wait up until it is over, than offer a point to whomever they feel got the better of the exchange. As you can see, the evaluating is eccentric, to state the least.

At the end of the fight, if the time is up and neither fighter has actually been defeated, points are amounted to choose the winner. If the fight is a draw, the judges vote based upon who they felt combated the better battle. Nevertheless, there are no points granted for a knockdown, so a punch that leads to a downed opponent disappears important than a jab that lands, if a knockout does not result. Likewise to in the majority of boxing bouts, three knockdowns in a single round lead to a technical knockout, although in the Olympic Games, four knockdowns in a total fight also offer the very same outcome.

The combination of these rather strange guidelines and evaluating standards have resulted in some questionable decisions and disappointment from fans and rivals alike. However, Olympic boxing has actually stayed as one of the purest outlets for fighters to ply their trades, as well as stays one of the best tests possible for the world’s top amateur pugilists.



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