Nurses Dress Up NICU Preemies in Halloween Costumes That Leave Their Parents SWOONING

Parenting a NICU preemie is not for the swooning of mettle — especially over the holidays.

Nobody could know that better than NICU Clinical Manager Paula Glass, who spearheaded an extra special effort to bring a bit of joyfulnes back into these parents’ lived on Halloween. The nurses of Advocate Children’s Hospital have helped turn an additional stressful time into a memorable festivity by designing itsy-bitsy garbs for the hospital’s smallest but mightiest patients.

“The nurses work with families to help make all holidays special for them while their babies are hospitalized in the NICU, ” says Paula. “This celebration is certainly for the babes and their families. For all of these babies, this is one of their’ firsts.’ Their first Halloween is special, and unfortunately, because they are still hospitalized, they cannot enjoy the same type of festivity like those babes who are at home with their own families. Having a newborn in the NICU is stressful; I think this helps class feel some joy.”

She says she hopes to fetching a bit of “normalcy and joy” into what is otherwise a “stressful atmosphere.”

And the hospital’s neonatal doctors couldn’t be more on board with the carnival celebration that is wreaking smiles to mamas and daddies across their NICU unit.

“It’s a really wonderful given an opportunity to get the families to forget about some of the medical challenges they have had over the past few dates, weeks or even months, ” Dr. Michael Cappello told Love What Matters. “It represents a lot to everybody, because on a day-to-day basis, we’re going over really serious, important issues with their own families and it takes a fee on everybody. Being able to kind of step back from all of that and look at something this is only pure merriment is a really wonderful opportunity.”

Check out a test of these wildly inventive and oh-so-adorable baby clothings below!

“Miles is magnetized by his fellow shine jellyfish. Seems like Nemo and Dory decided to pay a visit to their favorite’ squishy’ more! ”

“Adaline is an adorable Wonder Woman! ”

“Caleb is an expert shark diver. He’s even identified the rare DOG shark …. And has a photo to support it! ”

“Isaac the little superhero- Superman! ”

“Kameron& Kaleb are the cutest twinned pumpkins! ”

“Check out this small Minion- Louis’ LJ.’”

“Jada is one cute small fry! ”

“Jacob is the cutest little Beast from’ Beauty and the Beast.’”

“Malik is one cute pumpkin! ”
“Sienna- the pretty little peacock! ”

“Check out Taavi in his boxing hoop! ”

“Arianna has blossomed into the most beautiful butterfly we’ve ever seen! ”
“Amyrah’s handmade mermaid costume is the prettiest under the sea! ”
“The pirate life’s for Mason! Don’t even think about getting close to his booty.”

“Elias- the NICU’s heavyweight endorse boxer! ”

“Twins Charlotte and Emily miss EWE to vote for their cute sheep getup! ”

Which costume is your favorite? Make us know in specific comments!

** Photo Credit: Advocate Children’s Hospital

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