Nurmagomedov sorry for brawl and seizures after UFC win over McGregor

Khabib Nurmagomedov has apologised for fomenting an ugly riot following defeat of Conor McGregor which has been denounced by UFC president Dana White and the former boxer Mike Tyson among others

The return to action of Conor McGregor, arguably the most famous professional boxer in countries around the world, descended into a tawdry mockery on Saturday night in Las Vegas as skirmish broke out at the end of his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

McGregor, whose motley martial arts skills and flamboyant temperament have helped turn the Ultimate Fighting Championship into a multibillion-dollar business, was returning to the octagon for the first time in virtually two years and his lightweight fight with Russia’s Nurmagomedov was highly anticipated. But it soon became obvious the Irishman was no coincide for his resist, and McGregor tapped out of the fight in submission in the fourth round. The night then turned ugly.

Nurmagomedov climbed into the crowd and fracas with Dillon Danis, one of McGregor’s coaches. Several humen- considered to be Nurmagomedov’s studying partners- then entered the cage and began attacking McGregor.

Nurmagomedov afterward apologised for the post-fight incidents.” First of all I want to say sorry to Nevada Athletic Commission and second to Vegas ,” he said.” I know this is not my best side. I’m a human being .”

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The 30 -year-old said he had been provoked by McGregor’s behaviour leading up to the fight, which had led some to express concern that the affair could turn into a sideshow.

In April, McGregor gatecrashed a Nurmagomedov press conference in New York and shed a handcart through the window of a bus carrying other UFC fighters, leaving some of them with sections to their faces( McGregor afterwards pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct ). The Irishman developed tensions further by making negative references to Nurmagomedov’s Muslim faith.

” I don’t understand how people can talk about how I jump on the cage ,” Nurmagomedov said.” He talked about my belief, he talked about my own country, he talked about my father. He came to Brooklyn and he broke a bus, he nearly killed a got a couple of people. What about this shit? Why do people talk about me jumping over the enclosure? I don’t understand. This is a respectful boast , not a trash-talking athletic. I want to change the game, you cannot talking here belief, about tribe .”

The UFC president, Dana White, said Nurmagomedov’s purse was being held back by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Three members of the Russian’s team were also released by powers after McGregor declined to press charges.” Khabib diving into the crowd was stupid ,” White told ESPN after the fight.” You know, you exactly prevailed a great oppose, you crusade brilliantly, you’re about to get the belt on and people are going to respect the facts of the case that you crusade well and you won the fight. And instead, you dive over the cage and start this huge scuffle with Conor’s corner.

” I actually didn’t allow[ Nurmagomedov] to get the loop put one over because I knew what was going to happen where reference is did it was beings were going to hurl whatever the selection board had into the octagon, so let’s just get him out of here. Sure enough, as soon as they started going through the tunnel, exactly what I knew was gonna happen. I was like,’ We’ll be lucky enough just to get him out of here without the region ‘.” White would not confirm whether Nurmagomedov would be stripped of his UFC lightweight entitlement.” It’s not 100% particular ,” he said.” We’re regulated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. They’re going to go after Khabib. The minister was here and he flowed out of the building. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to hand out some type of penalty, exclusion or whatever. If he gets suspended, it depends how long his exclusion is .”

The UFC has suffered in the absence of McGregor, who represented hundreds of millions of dollarsfrom a boxing fighting against former world-wide champ Floyd Mayweather last year. The promotion has also been hit after its other biggest starring, Ronda Rousey, left to embark on a professional wrestling occupation.

” I’ve been doing this for 18 times and I couldn’t be more disappointed ,” White said.” I should be in here boasting about the pay-per-view but I haven’t even looked at that or talked about it with anybody. We should all be celebrating how when you put on the right occurrence with the right guys at the right time, it wreaks. It was a very good week for everyone. It merely sucks to culminate it like this, instead of celebrating we’re saying’ that was pretty shit ‘.”

The former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson said that Saturday’s events were even more sad than his 1997 entitle fight with Evander Holyfield, in which he bit off a glob of his opponent’s ear.” Unimaginable never thought it would go down like this ,” Tyson wrote on Twitter.” Crazier than my fight riot .”

One man who did not seem disturbed by the night’s phenomena was McGregor. With one seeing, perhaps, on his bank match he said he would be happy to fight Nurmagomedov again.” Good strike ,” he wrote on Twitter.” Ogling forward to the rematch .”

Conor McGregor following defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Picture: Stephen McCarthy/ Sportsfile via Getty Images
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