New immigration curbs requirement ‘to change tide of opinion’ – BBC News

Image caption Ms Rudd said she voted to remain in the EU but accepted the result and the public regards that underpinned it

New curbs on foreign workers and students may be needed to “change the tide” of public opinion on in-migration, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said.

She told the Conservative conference companies were “getting away” with not developing British workers and tougher recruitment exams were needed.

Students on “low-quality courses” could also face tougher entry rules.

She predicted assemblies 140 m to address movement press and moves to deport EU offenders for “minor crimes”.

In a wide-ranging addres, her first substantial policy address since becoming home secretary in July, Ms Rudd likewise announced a further crackdown on illegal migration through new powers to go after proprietors, employers and banks that facilitate it.

But project proposals were met with feeling by business groups while Labour said they would be taken with a “pinch of salt” given the government’s failure to meet immigration targets.

Rolling text and video updates on Conservative conference May: Brexit will entail ‘bumps in the road’ FTSE rises above 7,000 as pound falls Selfie entreaties a bombshell for new PM UK troops to be ‘protected from claims’ Student doctor multitudes to rise by 25% Image caption Universities must be more discriminating in such courses they furnish, Ms Rudd enunciated

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