Muay thai fighter attests maternity is no reason to stop kicking ass

Being pregnant, by all chronicles, is a mixture of bouts of morning sickness and an ever-increasing need to receive assist going off the couch.

But six-time world-wide champ muay thai fighter, Caley Reece is living proof that maternity doesn’t have to mean shortage of mobility. The athlete took to Facebook to upload a video of herself training at week 39 of her maternity and impressive is putting it lightly.

Reece addressed previous commenters who expressed concern that she was threatening her child by pushing while pregnant, articulating “There is no more danger here than there is influence path or twine in a reserve. For those that have no impression, we do not pivot with our guts in muay thai, we rotate and rotate with our hips and feet.

“We have been doing this for over 40 times compounded. Don’t stop what you love. There’s always rooms around everything.”

In a recent interview, Reece answered “Pregnancy is not an illness or sickness. It’s not a reason to stop living. It’s a reason to start looking after yourself. You are generating life so you need to be in good mental and physical statu. If not for yourself, then for your new addition.” What the status of women!

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