MMA campaigned cavities 12 -year-old against wife twice her age

Mixed martial arts became favourite in part because of freak-show crusades like the one between 200 -pound Keith Hackney and 600 -pound Emmanuel Yarborough at UFC 3 in 1994.

The UFC has significantly done away with such oddities, and now is characterized by high-stakes contests of physical chess between resists who are roughly the same size.

That does not mean the crazy old days of MMA are genuinely moved. Take, for example, an upcoming campaign in Japan between a 12 -year-old girl and a 24 -year-old woman.

The pre-teen amateur, plainly announced Momo in promotional materials, is currently in the seventh tier and weighs merely 86 pounds, according to

Her opponent, Momoko Yamasaki, is a professional soldier with a 2-3 busines preserve. According to Deep Jewels, which is promoting the fight, Yamasaki was bullied when she was in junior high school and then became a street fighter before ultimately establishing her practice to MMA.


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