Maternal gatekeeping: Why mummies don’t make pas help

( CNN) The busted gender dynamics of our workplaces has a simple solution: We need to give ladies more supremacy. But redressing the gender dynamics in our homes is not so simple.

Outside homes, society is largely organized according to a men-on-top-women-on-bottom power structure. Inside our homes, on the other hand, is where women prop vast amounts of sway. Wives and mamas tend to call the shoots in most matters related to housework and child care, a reality evidenced by the ubiquity of “ask your mom” across infinite and time.

Women didn’t ask for this dominance. In fact, a growing number of us have come to resent it, especially since our increased number of influence( aka responsibility) in the workplace hasn’t correlated with a commensurate decrease in our dominance at home. “Ask your father! ” mamas have begun to cry out, more in hopelessnes than hope.

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