Logan Paul Attempts to Fistfight His Way Back to Relevance

YouTube stars are applied to combat through diss tracks and subtweets , now they &# x27; re physically engaging each other.

Brothers from two of YouTube &# x27; s biggest dynasties announced this weekend that they will be squaring off in an IRL boxing match set to take place this summer.

Logan Paul, the embattled YouTube star with more than 16 million customers whose entire path was recently demonetised over bad action, had reaffirmed that he will be boxing KSI, a British gaming YouTuber with over 17 million subscribers.

KSI &# x27; s younger friend, Deji Olatunji, a YouTuber with more than 9 million partisans who goes by ComedyShortsGamer, will push Jake Paul, Logan &# x27; s younger YouTube star friend who has more than 13 million readers on the programme.

The fight came to to fruition after KSI staged an earlier YouTube engaged with British YouTuber Joe Weller in February. The two had a longstanding online squabble. KSI won the accord and announced in his victory discussion that for his next fighting he wanted to combat “anyone with the last name Paul.”

Jake and Logan Paul initially considered KSI &# x27; s proposition as a gag. The two hinted he fight their father, known as “Vlogdad Greg Paul.” KSI greeted saying that he had no interest in “beating up an old man” and that his overture was serious.

Representatives from both sets of friends went back and forth in weeks of negotiations. Initially the Paul brothers, who both battled in high school and have zero prior boxing experience, told me they wanted the fight to be MMA. KSI and Deji responded that they had been is difficult to a boxing match and should back out if they “can &# x27; t handle it.”

The location of the competitor is still being determined using KSI and Deji pushing for a London fight, while the Pauls are apparently keen on Las Vegas.

The event will certainly be livestreamed simultaneously on all four of the hotshot &# x27; s YouTube channels, which will undoubtedly generate millions of views and abundant the possibilities for merch sales.

While YouTube death parallels could become the next large-hearted trend in 2018, this not the first year a YouTuber has stepped into the boxing echo. In 2014, Antoine Dodson fought “bedroom intruder” Rashaad Cooper, who allegedly attempted to enter his home and abuse his sister. Dodson won the coincide.

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