LetS Watch A Giant Of A MMA Fighter Kick The Crap Out Of Idiots Trying To Rob His Supermarket

If you’re going to be a robber, you damn well better make sure you know all the consequences of your actions.

If the Ocean’s movies can educate you anything, it’s the importance of planning- but apparently these people simply decided to half-a ** it and paid the price. Not that you’ll discover us complaining, specially when they get the crap beaten out of them by a 5-year Sri Lankan MMA national champion!

After waiting outside a small convenience store for one employee to income with the bank suitcase they decided to climb him for the money; a decision which I’m sure they’re all regretting now. As soon as Mayura Dissanayake saw his coworker getting pummeled outside he left the counter and came out in a flurry of swingings. He kicked and perforated until the would-be thieves drove off, leaving one of their own behind after discovering this wasn’t running their style. Check out the beatdown below, and don’t become a robber!

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