LeSean McCoy denies allegations regarding domestic, offspring, swine and drug abuse

LeSean McCoy has responded to serious allegations contained in an Instagram post

LeSean McCoy has responded to serious allegations contained in an Instagram post.

A friend of Delicia Cordon, who has been McCoy’s girlfriend, alleged the Buffalo Bills running back of domestic misuse alongside an image of a seriously bruised girl she alleges is Cordon. The upright likewise claims McCoy beat his son and pup and used performance-enhancing medicines. The pole has since been deleted.

On Tuesday, McCoy said the claims were untrue.” For the record, the totally baseless and offensive pretensions made against me today on social media are completely false ,” he wrote on Instagram.” Further more, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months .”

According to Deadspin, police said that Cordon was the victim of a home invasion earlier this month in Georgia, after which a female was sent to hospital necessitating treatment.

” The preliminary investigation indicates that this residency was specifically targeted by the suspect or doubts, and not a random happen ,” Milton County police said in a statement.” When officers arrived they found one scapegoat “whove been” physically assaulted by a lone invader. During the altercation, the believe challenged specific items from the victim .”

The Bills and the NFL both say they are reviewing the matter.

A number of high-profile NFL actors have been involved in domestic violence cases charges. New York Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted in 2016 to mistreating his former bride while Ray Rice’s career was effectively culminated after “hes been” caught punching his fiancee on camera in 2014. Greg Hardy’s NFL career too descended apart after allegations he assaulted his partner. He is now a mixed martial art soldier.

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