Khabib Nurmagomedov taps out Conor McGregor then sparks melee in bunch

The unbeaten Russian protected his UFC lightweight name against Conor McGregor, then climbed into the crowd to fracas with the Irishmans team

Khabib Nurmagomedov eventually referred the cervix crank, and almost immediately Conor McGregor’s right hand impressed his left shoulder in succession, a signal of submission, and the proverbial flag of truce in a battle of attrition.

It was the beaming instant of the Russian’s career. But then, in an act of spontaneous idiocy, the moment was ruined.

Nurmagomedov apparently wasn’t satisfied to simply demonstrate he was the superior soldier in the octagon on Saturday night at UFC 229. No, for Khabib, the fourth-round finish that should have been the consummation of months of vitriolic barb between both camps wasn’t enough to conclude the feud.

The unbeaten lightweight champ insisted Thursday that he wouldn’t shake McGregor’s handwritings even after the fight. The paroles clearly weren’t your customary pre-fight fare meant to sell tickets. Khabib took it all to heart. The reviles about his Muslim faith; the jokes about Dagestan; the junk talk is targeted at his father, Abdulmanap.

In a wild, surreal panorama at T-Mobile Arena, Nurmagomedov hurled himself over the upper part of the enclosure, across an officials’ counter and onto the storey, all in order to exchange pierces with Dillion Danis, the Irishman’s jiu-jitsu coach. Soon after, the ugly fracas spilled inside the confines of the octagon.

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October 7, 2018

Three training partners of Nurmagomedov’s scaled the barrier and assaulted McGregor from all slants. One of them, clad in red, delivered the surprise blows from behind as McGregor attempted to fend them off.

” Put my belt on me ,” Khabib , now back in the octagon, pleaded with White as Las Vegas metro police attempted to restore order.

White refused, panicking an even greater safety concern. He explained that enraged followers would pelt him with anything they are likely to get their hands on. Hot pups. Bud Light cans. Literally anything .

” I don’t care. I’m ready for this ,” Khabib responded.” If I have to be arrested, then I have to be arrested. But I miss my belt put one across me .”

Conor McGregor appears on after his submission loss on Saturday night. Image: Stephen McCarthy/ Sportsfile via Getty Images

Three Nurmagamedov team members were detained, but McGregor declined to press charges and the trio was released, according to White.

And when Bruce Buffer ultimately announced the government officials result- a submission victory for Nurgmagomedov at 3:03 of round four- neither fighter was present in the octagon; both had long since been run out by security.

All that remained in the aftermath were questions regarding Nurmagmedov’s future as he figures to be heavily disciplined by the Nevada commission. The territory is withholding Khabib’s$ 2m pocketbook, White told reporters; McGregor was sided his paycheck after footage of the accident was reviewed.

” What Khabib should have done is collect Conor up, attracted him up from the floor, hug him and say’ good oppose ;’ whatever ,” said White, who projected record-breaking pay-per-view buys in the lead-up and exposed a UFC-record live barrier of $17.2 m( 20,034 attending ).

” He had the opportunity to walk out of that lieu a champ. He looked like a ornament. It should have been a very different darknes for him .”

It was McGregor, then, who emerged( comparatively) unscathed when the dust decided. Demolished in a championship fighting one second, victim the next.

That McGregor( 21 -4) established it to the fourth round at all was a feat in and of itself. After a measured opening chassis where neither guy inflicted any shots of consequence, round two was a different tale.

A looping Khabib right hand encountered its observe at the onset of the frame, and McGregor wobbled backward. Nurmagomedov, 30, coped McGregor against the enclosure- just like the previous round- but this time, he was able to finally inflict the beating he so desperately tried. Revenge for all the necessitate statements, and perhaps chiefly, for the infamous bus attack in April where McGregor convulsed a dolly at the vehicle.

Now, it was McGregor, 30, who was a sitting duck as a artillery was projected at him. He laid flat on his back while Nurmagomedov( 27 -0) rained perforates down from the standing position.

Referee Herb Dean inched closer to the action, seemingly so he was in position to halt the 155 lb matchup at a few moments. McGregor, though, sucked the pummeling from above and with 46 seconds remaining in the round, he ultimately constituted it to his hoofs as the partisan army roared its approval.

As he cautiously trudged over to his stool, McGregor let out a gasp of aid. He accumulated himself, and fared far more in the third round. He connected on a bundle of his logo ten-strikes set up by his southpaw thrusting, and when Khabib struggled the takedown, McGregor this time was able to forestall it off.

Mystic Mac was in the fight, and his fans hooted and hollered with a chorus of’ Ole’ melodies. McGregor continued to march forward, his left see bleeding, as he popped Khabib in his bloodied mouth.

When the latter are both on their hoofs, the striker was in control, naturally. But the wrestler was able to impose his will once more in the fourth round, kindnes of a leg move, and that was it for McGregor, his first MMA bout in two years over after another tapout.( His only other UFC defeat was a submission against Nate Diaz in 2016.)

While McGregor gallivanted with a novelty boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr that netted him a reported $100 m windfall, Nurmagamedov fixed himself as a force in the octagon.

He supported Saturday that McGregor’s time at the top is over, but that narration won’t be told. Instead, we’re left to wonder when we’ll verify Khabib fight again as he prepares for what is likely to be a interminable hiatus.

” I know this is not by my best surface ,” said Khabib, who likewise defended to the commission through a thick accent, and said Russian president Vladimir Putin called to congratulate him.” I’m human being. I don’t understand how people can talk about( how) I jump over the cage.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov apologises for tumultuous fraca but accuses McGregor of disrespect- video

” He talk about my religion, he talk about my own country. He talk about my mother. He come to Brooklyn and he broke bus. He nearly kill got a couple of beings. What about this shit? Why are people talk about I jump-start over the enclosure?

” My father-god school me you have to always be respectful . … You can not talking here belief. You can not talk about person .”

He was wise to make amends with Nevada, even though it’s obvious he doesn’t see the error of his rooms. White is reported that Nevada governor Brian Sandoval was in attendance, and said he” extended running out of the building, it’s not good. He’s in trouble .”

If you ask Khabib, he’s in far big difficulty than anything the commission could ever mete down. After all, he wasn’t respectful on a night where reference is produced pity to the Nurmagamedov name.

” I know my father going to destruction me when I go home .”

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