Stops, boastings and hype: there is a lot of Trump in Conor McGregor

As the UFC prepares to realise its entering in New York, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Irishman is driving the UFCs money machine

Conor McGregor sat on a stage below Madison Square Garden on Tuesday evening, clutching a name loop that should no longer be his and vowing to grab another fighters from the table before him. And is there any doubt who holds the capability in the UFC these days?

On 12 November, the UFC will eventually stage an happening in New York. As the organizations chairman, Dana White, waved his hand around two rows of fighters he handpicked for the card his biggest ever there was only one who mattered. McGregor sat in the front, just to Whites left, wearing a pinstripe clothing and aviator glasses. He gushed his fist, he motioned his hands, he pounded the table. And the crowd of more than 1,000 New Yorkers boomed at his every fuck and sung his mention. He transformed his head toward White, smirked then gazed into the lights.

Four point two billion dollars! Thats what Im worth to this company! he wept, echoing the toll WME-IMG apparently paid for the UFC this summer.

He can do whatever he requires in an organization that usually obligates its fighters pleads. The UFC requirement his face on the Madison Square Garden marquee more than he needs it himself. No fighter is more vital to the company if they are going to get an instant payback on that $4.2 bn in accommodate sales and pay-per-view clinks. Various durations White has said that McGregor must represent his loop at 145 lb or renounce it. This only seems fair: McGregor won the featherweight region in December and is on his third fight without having to defend the designation. If this was anyone else in the UFC, the region would have likely been pulled away by now.

Instead, McGregor perseveres with this quest to become the first UFC fighter to encumber two loops at the same time, and it seems no one wants to tell him no. Preferably than the rematch he supposedly owes to Jos Aldo, the interim title holder at 145 lbs who he knocked out in 13 seconds at UFC 194 he insisted on the lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, a humankind he then lampooned on Tuesday as a violate, anxious soldier who he would knock out in the first round.

Im going to wrap one[ belt] around one shoulder and wrap one around the other shoulder, and theyll involve an legion to attract them off of me! he screamed.

And given the way the raunchy mob in the Gardens theater roared at this declaration, its likely he might just get by with it, more. Whos going to slap down the cash cow as he props a New York crowd in his hands and the pay-per-view buttons on the remote clink faster than anyone can count? Aldo, as a great champion for more than six years, deserves another McGregor fight. But he wont get one. Not now. Not perhaps ever. McGregor is supposed to return the featherweight region after his fight with Alvarez, its hard to gues he is to be able to dedicate it back. Its scarcely surprising that Aldo now wants out of his UFC contract.

So there was McGregor on Tuesday, scarcely a few months after his win over Nate Diaz in UFC 202, strutting as much as he was never has. The Las Vegas pushes have almost grown-up stale for him, and it is clear New York was always his next destination. He sunbathed in the blast of the Garden theater crowd on Tuesday, playing to it, feeding it. The other boxers on the stage, endorses many of them, had become his props, randomly selected for searing lampooning.

He didnt even negotiate new money for himself, be thought that! McGregor hollered, glaring at Alvarez before turing his gape to the other fighters, all in suits like himself. Search everybody up here! Theyre all “re dressed like” me. Theyre all trying to talk like me. Theyre all trying to be me. This is a lottery fight and this boy took it on his last contract. Reckon that. Imagine going the most difficult oppose in the history of video games and telling: Slam your mouth, kid.

When featherweight hopeful Jeremy Stephens dared to take a swipe, reading the Irishman merely prevails on TKOs while he actually knocks beings out, McGregor exploded.

UFC Europe (@ UFCEurope) September 27, 2016

Everyone is looking for a shot at Conor McGregor at the #UFC205 presser! https :// sHjYqD5xbH

Who the fuck is that person? McGregor pealed. Who the fuck is that?

There is a lot of Donald Trump in McGregor. They have many of the same ruses: the talking over antagonists, the inconsiderate interruptions, the panache for overstatement and the ostentatious statements of personal asset( the Irishman, it must be said, has displayed nothing of the presidential candidates inessential racism ). Im closing in on $40 m this year, McGregor responded with no proving sign to funding its statement of claim. Perhaps he has made this much. Perhaps he hasnt. On Tuesday it didnt substance. The UFC has finally come to New York and it is guaranteed to have the only headliner who counts. As long as McGregor is in the cage the money will follow, Jos Aldo and what is right with the 145 lb belt be damned.

If McGregor wants to drape two regions over his shoulder to carry a show then he is very likely to get the two regions. The $4.2 bn machine is moving forward, and more and more it looks like McGregor is driving it.

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