I’m Ok, You’re Not Ok — Why You’ll Probably Never Be Rich

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I can already tell a few things about you. You’re the kind of person that doesn’t let a little hard work hold you back. How do I know?

The people who want everything to be easy, read the title of this article and quickly move on to the next article. You’re probably also fed up with reading articles and web sites that promise you’ll get rich doing next to nothing, not have to learn anything new, and can be a complete simpleton.

Am I exaggerating? Don’t most of the business opportunity sites you read promise exactly that? That you can have no training, no talent, no ambition, no desire to do anything — and STILL earn a six figure income?

I’m not exaggerating one little bit. Somehow that bizarre “do nothing” approach to business has gotten rampant on the Net. Deep in your gut, you know beyond a doubt that such methods are just drivel. No wonder Internet business opportunities have been trending downward for the past five years.

As a cousin to Rich Jerk, renowned Internet millionaire, I don’t mince words when I tell people what it will take for them to earn a huge income online.

* You MUST have ambition and not be afraid to WANT the BIGGEST things in life — big house, nice car, best neighborhood. People who don’t want and don’t dream don’t get rich, unless they discover gold in their backyard.

* You MUST be willing to learn new methods. Case in point, the promotion methods 99% of web sites use are so badly outdated it it’s almost funny. Then WHY are they still using these methods? Simple. They’re either too stupid or too lazy to learn knew methods. If YOU make the effort to learn better, up-to-date promotion strategies, you’ll walk all over everybody else.

* STOP being easy on yourself. If you don’t have millions in the bank, you AREN’T OK! You need a swift kick in your motivation. You need to get in there and FIGHT for what you want.

I could go on, but those 3 tips are ALL you need to succeed. Have boundless ambition, learn the latest strategies, and stay motivated until you make them work for you.

You know what the main difference is between the self-made millionaire and everybody else? The millionaire set her sites on wealth and didn’t quit until she achieved it. Yes, showing up every day is 90 percent of the game. Come armed and ready to do battle — every day.

I’ll see you at the Country Club.

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