‘I succumbed tonight in the cage’: MMA fighter recuperating after twice being resurrected


One of the more popular categories of movie is “HERE’S WHERE WE’RE HEADED, ” and the vast majority of those involve some kind of frightful yet breathtaking dislocation of society. The only problem with this is that a lot of the scenarios Hollywood draws us recall waiting for us aren’t just wrong. When you look at the actual science implied, you learn that they’re the opposite of what’s likely going to happen.


There’s a whole category of post-apocalyptic movies in which humanity’s worst enemy is not zombies, aliens, or cyborg, but our own genitalia. As in the whole planet is overpopulated to the point of natural disasters, with the frantic batches being forced to fight over the 7 persisting crumbs of nutrient and half-drop of oil.

You might remember recent examples, like the sprawling, slum-infested Dredd or the crowded planet-sized ghetto in Elysium

TriStar Pictures BTAG 1 TT The first aid to run out was soap .

… but this trope disappears practice back to classic movies like Soylent Green , in which the governmental forces rounds up hordes of beings in physical scooping dump trucks and then solves the absence of meat by … well, we don’t wishes to bungle the movie for you. Let’s just say it’s not a good dinner appointment flick.

IMG 2 TT MGM BTAG 2 TT Unless you’ve both wasted a season in the Andes and miss the cuisine .

The idea that we’re move forward towards its own population crisis might seem frighteningly capable of being anyone who has ever saw a shopping mall, but the problem isn’t as grim when you look at the data. Economists like Max Roser point out that across the world, fertility rates are indeed withering . Today, the average household has around 2.5 children, as opposed to the five or six that our horndog ancestors had on average during the course of its 1960 s.

, as living conditions improved and mortality rates descended, categories that were used to having many children per household no longer needed to, because the ones they had subsisted childhood now . The abundance of unexpectedly non-dead teenagers led to a surge in population which took almost a century to chastise itself, but that process is ATAG 6 TThappening much . This is why your mothers seemed to have 27 aunts and uncles, while you have like three. According to UN projections, the Earth is expected to reach around 10 or 11 billion people in the next hundred years, then sorta cool it with the people-making.


, worldwide ATAG 9 TTpoverty has stopped , squelching the relevant recommendations that there’s some placed finite quantity of food or resources that will running around as the population increases.

Hollywood has a tendency to grossly oversimplify questions, and simmering down complex political and methodical explosions to “Too many people” is a rather stupid and vicious course to look at it. Specially when nothing sitting in the gathering meets themselves as part of the plethora population.


Most futuristic franchises that aren’t set in total nightmare scenarios take it for granted that the first thing humanity will ditch in the world of tomorrow is the concept of frontiers. There’s Star Trek , which is but one member of the United Federation of Planets Where Kirk Has Orgasmed( they are generally omit the last five statements ).

IMG 3 TT CBS Television Distribution BTAG 3 TT Apparently, United ricochets back from the “passenger-dragging” controversy and goes on to rule the galaxy .

There’s Babylon 5 , which has a single chairwoman elected by the whole world( the average polling place boundary is necessary the size of Honduras ).


DTAG 19 TTATAG 13 TTDTAG 20 TTDTAG 21 TT RTAG 15 TT Futurama RTAG 17 TTWell, here’s a bit mental practise: Try to thoughts how long it would take for everyone to agree on precisely the flag RTAG 18 TTOK , now visualize the same process, but for every little thing leading up to something even vaguely RTAG 19 TTBut wait, wouldn’t encountering aliens construct us band together, especially if they’re dicks? Let’s say that happens. Let’s say we come across security threats so horrendous that it builds rival nations put aside their differences and fight as one. How long would that unison last-place? Based on the last epoch something like that did HETAG 3 TT RTAG 20 TTCloning is rarely a good occasion in movies. Clones are almost always evil, or slaves, or pointlessly Boba-Fett-looking. According to movies like or , and there’s virtually no way to turn a profit off of it. And that’s a good thought RTAG 23 TTNow, some movies do investigate the ethical implications of cloning for medical intents, like Never Give Me Go , The Island , or RTAG 25 TTFilms portray cloning as this weird futuristic predicament wherein we’re slaughtering clones for organ collecting and conflict, when in reality, cloning engineering given the opportunity to alleviate HETAG 4 TT RTAG 26 TTIt’s a commonly accepted rule in the film industry that if your movie includes futuristic plays and you don’t evidence a buster going beheaded in some over-the-top method, you’ve failed your audience. Because that’s where we’re manager, right? From Rollerball to Death Race 2000 to The Running Man to The Hunger Games , the NFL has disappeared from reluctantly had recognized that smack-dab actors in the president all the time might DTAG 38 TTATAG 37 TTDTAG 39 TTDTAG 40 TT RTAG 28 TTBTAG 4 TT This is from 2009, but already feels like watching a video from gladiator durations .. Even hockey RTAG 30 TTSome of you might argue back with three little letters: MMA. Sure, more and more people like watching sinewy tattooed people KO’ing each other with knocks to the tabernacle, but the UFC has DTAG 56 TTATAG 49 TTDTAG 57 TTDTAG 58 TT RTAG 41 TTIn real life, though, if we’re leaving ourselves susceptible to any “AI strikes, ” they’re not gonna come in the form of genius supercomputers with the brainpower of 5, 000 Stephen Hawkings — not in the immediate future, regardless. Nope, it would be a whole which can automatically writer programmes and instantly buy and sell broths, leaving human sellers more free time to snort coke and talk about Phil Collins. These algorithms are equipped with capacities necessary to “evolve” on their own, reshaping themselves RTAG 43 TTWe’ve told you about the random British buster who was messing with automated sellers and caused a ripple effect which ATAG 52 TT gate-crashed the stock market RTAG 44 TTNow consider the fact that algorithms like that are popping up everywhere RTAG 46 TT . RTAG 47 TT , and other videos you won’t investigate on the site ! RTAG 48 TT , and we’ll follow you everywhere . RTAG 49 TTBTAG 8 TT , available wherever you get your podcasts .

An American mixed-martial arts fighter says he temporarily died in the arena after he claimed his nerve stopped and he lost kidney failure

An American mixed-martial arts soldier says he temporarily “died” in the arena after his center stopped and he accepted kidney downfall during a fight on Friday.

Clovis ” CJ ” Hancock collapsed in a preliminary round of the Legacy Fighting Alliance, an American mixed-martial arts competition based in Texas, and “mustve been” rejuvenated by ringside medical staff.

According to Hancock, paramedics restarted his nerve twice after he descended during his crusaded in the Arena Theatre in Houston. After adopted in order to hospital, physicians diagnosed him with kidney los and dehydration.

On Sunday night, Hancock said he was recovering well after doctors administered him with eight bags of saline solution.

” I succumbed tonight in the cage”, he posted to Facebook.” My heart stopped, and I had kidney los, they did CPR and hit me with the defibrillator twice and returned me back.

” Doc says I shouldn’t fight again. I’m broken. I guess I’ll only has become a coach from now on .”

The 32 -year-old said he had been undergoing a” hard weight piece” to qualify for the fight, which he said may have led to his downfall. At the time of the welterweight battle, Hancock weighed 77 kg( 170 lb ).

During his retrieval, he commented on Facebook that:” I cut too much weight, my soul stopped and my kidneys failed.[ Doctors] said I was severely dehydrated .”

The CEO of the Legacy Fighting Alliance, Ed Soares, said Hancock collapsed after he held a body knock from his resist, Charlie Ontiveros.

” After the knock territory, there was a few second delay, and then he collapsed in the enclosure ,” he said in a statement.

” Our cutman David Maldonado immediately recognised the problem and signalled to the medical squad sitting cageside. They were able to resuscitate and stabilise CJ and took him to the hospital via ambulance where they established he had suffered kidney collapse .”

The Legacy Fighting Alliance has been contacted for comment.

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