Holly Holm: the UFC superstar who acts anything like one

For someone who transformed UFC upside down by demolishing Ronda Rousey, Holm is extraordinarily understated in striking differ to the men with unclean mouths

As Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz called and swore and carried on about lions gobbling the carcasses of gazelles at a news conference for UFC 196 this week, the UFCs other biggest superstar ogled abode. Holly Holm would have nothing of “the mens” with unclean mouths.

She sat beside the McGregor on an interrogation dais and appeared away as he rent into Diaz with a impaling verbal attempt so piercing Diaz was left doubtful what to say. She placed a fist on her kuki-chin and stared at the crowd. She gazed at her tacks. She exhaled with a detached annoyance.

It was Miesha Tate, her opponent in Saturdays secondary central poster bantamweight title contend who seemed to comprehend the irony of belligerent humen hollering at one another while two women fighters shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

They are flip-flop each other off under the counter and were building friendship bangles, Tate said.

But this is the way Holm has been in the working day leading up to the fight. She has not hollered at the cameras or stormed about rending apart opposing. If her image wasnt on the promotional signs you would just know she was one o the boasts biggest stars.

In less than a half hour last-place tumble Holm proceeded from faceless to the most essential maiden in the UFC, which obligates her one of the most essential fighters in the whole UFC. And yet for someone who turned the UFC upside down by overcoming its biggest female hotshot, Ronda Rousey, she is exceptionally understated. She hasnt taken over media periods, shown up belatedly to UFC contests or act like a fame in any way.

When asked if it inconvenienced her to be distant second name in an episode that is all about McGregor, she shrugged and alleged McGregor is a big star and deserves a top billing. She has praised Tate rather than tear her apart and doesnt seem all too comfy boasting about herself. She has done everything to show she is a ordinary 34 -year-old woman from Albuquerque who too happens to be one of the most famous MMA boxers in the country.

At a public exercising on Wednesday she appeared on a stage with a young girl who seemed overwhelmed to be standing in small theatre filled with people and television cameras. Holm “il smile at” the girl and asked if she wanted to learn dance moves. The girl nodded. And so Holm educated her The Sprinkler as the fight love in the chamber heartened. That seemed more enjoyable to her than promoting a fight.

She has been vigilant in making as many UFC appearances as she knows how. She has done media tours and television services and facilities testifies always reacting her interviewers with a smile and talking excitedly about her brand-new life as an MMA superstar. But she has not carried on in the manner of so many of her resists, belligerently expecting special treatment.

Whenever she is asked about who she ponders she will oppose next, she ever speaks “shes not” ogling past Saturday night. She doesnt belittle Tate, but instead praises her knowledge and durability. The meanest event she has said about Tate is that she doesnt know if she has been hit hard as hard before as she might touch her.

Otherwise, it is as if she is trying to prove she deserves her new standing in the UFC.

I know people are thinking: Whats really going to happen now, is she the real spate? Holm supposed. All that distres I put on myself thats what Im here for.

Later she added: Im perpetually improving and I want to keep getting better.

Its not the type of egotistical thought you expect from a UFC champion. Its not the type of stuff Rousey would say. But the biggest brand-new girl identify in the UFC is not Rousey. She isnt going to screaming and holler and swear and try to oblige herself the most exciting being in the room.

So as McGregor sat beside her the coming week, shouting at Nate Diaz, describing vividly all the ways he would terminate Diazs life, Holm ogled away as if outraged by what she sounded. The UFCs newest luminary who acts anything like one.

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