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Bose’s rumored QC 35 II noise-cancelling headphones are rumored no more: Bose represented them official today, uncovering updated information to the company’s popular QC 35 premium noise-cancelling cans.

Google worked with Bose to form the brand-new headphones, the company explained in a new blog upright, are in place to “optimize” the audio supplementary for Assistant, Google’s virtual aid software for iPhone and Android. The headphones have a dedicated Assistant button, which users can move to call up the voice-based attendant when they want.

They don’t have Assistant on board as a dedicated work, per se- instead, they incorporate is supportive of Assistant-based gives including incoming notifications, audio facets like news briefings and expres authorities for calling and music playback.



Assistant support will be available on the QC 35 II in the U.S ., Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the UK, and the headset retails for $349 in the U.S.- the same toll as the QC 35 that came before.

Google mentions in its blog upright on the new partnership and integration that it’s cooperated with Bose on Assistant integration for headphones “starting with” the QC 35 II, which implies that we could see this peculiarity expand to even more of the Bose line.

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Inspired by the Irish superstars upcoming super-fight, Jon Jones says he wants to fight 40 -year-old Brock Lesnar. But the pursue for coin could hurt MMA

Jon Jones sat and waited from afar for the past two and a half years while UFCs big-money period started without him. Thats why, mere hours after his perfect finish of Daniel Cormier on Saturday, Jones moved on from best available recital of his job to the prospect of something and someone larger.

Brock Lesnar, if you want to know what it feels like to get your ass knocked by a person who weighs 40 lbs less than you, satisfy me in the Octagon, Jones roared, in a statement steered at the pro grappling hotshot and former UFC heavyweight champion.

But why Lesnar who, at the age of 40, is hole past his prime?

With his old rival Cormier in the rear thought mirror, Jones is setting out to capture the money that Conor McGregor has managed to engineer from his UFC occupation. The Irishmans takeover of tempting Floyd Mayweather and the UFC into a massive boxing spectacle in August is impressive, and more than ever his peers, albeit a hand-picked few, wishes to invoke their own sizable paydays.

Conor McGregor has been a tremendous inspiration to me, Jones said. He has shown me and the upper echelon of the play that these huge paydays are possible. I never fantasized during my hour as champ as a fighter that I would view boxers drawing$ 7m or$ 8m[ in UFC ], or the $100 m that hes seeing on this Mayweather fight. Its been an inspiration that he can do it. Its like the first person to go to the moon, right? Now everyone wants to go to the moon. Thats what McGregor has done for me. So, yeah, facing a guy like Lesnar, going “the worlds” excited about an MMA contend is what were here for.

Jones, Lesnar and the UFC are sure to benefit from the arrangement. But does a bout pitting perhaps mixed martial arts greatest boxer against a retired heavyweight who remains subject to suspension from contender for six months upon his reappearance live up to the mission that play have all along to be laid down for us?

If Jones is ready to form the move up from light-footed heavyweight, why not take on the champion above him? Stipe Miocic is poised to establish the UFC record for heavyweight claim securities, and a competition between the two champs would surely do solid business while preserving the notion that opposes in the Octagon mean something more than money.

Perhaps thats because while McGregor has been a grandiose risk-taker during his rise to superstardom, Jones, for all his reckless decisions away from the cage, comes off as risk-averse. That may seem an curious evaluation of a person willing to stand in a locked enclosure with Lesnar, but it still stands.

Most beings dont actually know who[ Miocic] is, all respect to him. So if Im going to sacrifice being the small guy, I fantasize stylistically Brock would be a fight that shapes lane more gumption, and the payday “wouldve been” huge, said Jones this weekend. What it would do for our athletic would be incredible. Much greater influence. So for many concludes a Brock Lesnar fight precisely attains more appreciation to me.

Theres the rub. Do coin engages between all-time enormous and all-time entertainers expand combat boasts, or sentence them to an irredeemable downward trajectory? How long fans abide one-off affairs like Mayweather-McGregor or Lesnar-Jones( which would, at least, working under MMA rulers rather than those of boxing) without taking it out on the wider world of duel plays remains to be seen.

UFC president Dana White said that Saturdays rematch between Cormier and Jones, which capped a stellar UFC 214 that boasted welterweight endorse Tyron Woodleys recent protection as well as the crowning of longtime womens idol Cris Cyborg Justino at 145 pounds, was veering past the 1m buy tag on pay-per-view. But representations like that arent common, and it can force-out the sides of promoters and soldiers to invent big affairs out of thin breath rather than endow the time to build contests with legitimate intrigue.

In the meantime, if moving to heavyweight to objection Miocic is too high a mountain to clamber for the man who wants to be known as the best ever, Jones may be left to mop up a weight class he has already introduced his stamp on. Awaiting in the light heavyweight offstages is Swedens Alexander Gustafsson, who yielded Jones the most difficult test of his busines back in 2013, or Switzerlands Volkan Oezdemir, who starched British light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa to open the pay-per-view portion of Saturdays UFC 214 card.

The referee calls a stop to the fight after Volkan Oezdemir knocked out Jimi Manuwa at UFC 214. Photograph: Josh Hedges/ Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

I feel the best is yet to come, Jones said. At age 30 I find Im in my physical and psychological prime. And just believing that will allow me to teach at a higher level and expect more out of myself. I have my best times ahead of me and that should be very scary to these flare heavyweights.

For better or worse, Joness first competitive decision after recapturing the UFC title appears to target fund above sport.

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