From ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ to ‘Buddymoon, ‘ YouTuber Flula Borg jumps to the big screen

Internet temperament Flula Borg accepts the honor for Best Comedy Series, at VH1’s 5th Annual Streamy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, September 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California .
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LOS ANGELES Flula Borg doesn’t expect you to know his name.

“In Hollywood, everyone recalls everyone is somebody far-famed, ” the 34 -year-old German YouTube comedian told Mashable during a recent coffee interrogation. “Some know me, others just say ‘Oh! you! “

But just because you may not remember Borg on wall street, doesn’t mean you should cast him as a nobody.

The self-proclaimed “accidental YouTuber” has been on YouTube for the last decade, uploading videos straddling from personality interrogations to beat boxing and other “Dope Musik.”

Last year, “hes taken” on the big screen, playing the co-leader of contender a capella group Das Sound Machine in Pitch Perfect 2.

Now, he’s shifting paraphernaliums with indie film BuddyMoon , which he self-funded with David Giuntoli( NBCs Grimm ) and Alex Simmons( an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker ). The film is available on iTunes and is playing in select theaters nationwide.

The comedy half wrote, half improvised follows two friends( Borg and Giuntoli) as they go on an Oregon camping trip a “buddymoon” when one of their matrimonies come apart. It was kills in just 10 daylights and with a $50,000 budget.

Part of the film’s premise is rooted in reality. Giuntoli met Borg while he was backpacking in Germany. He told Borg he should come to the states, and Borg simply evidenced up without notice. That planned is integrated into the film.

So far, it’s been well-received. It took residence the SlamDance Audience Choice Award at Sundance Film Festival.

This kind of project which entails writing, playing, inducing, shooting and later editing is what Borg describes as more up his alley.

“For me it was always about playing, ” Borg said. “And this really feels like a collaboration project.”

Borg became more immersed in the YouTube community lovingly referred to as Team Internet by way of Grace Helbig.

A couple of years ago, Helbig asked Borg to “collab” and he instantly became thrust into the “Team Internet” world-wide amid younger doe-eyed aces.

“I is like the foreign exchange student in their own communities, ” Borg said. “Which is fine … Fez was very popular on That ‘7 0s Show . Im the Fez of YouTube.”

“I feel like the foreign exchange student tin the community. Which is penalty … Fez was very popular on That ‘7 0s Show . Im the Fez of YouTube.”

Still, Borg, who is as goofy in real life as “hes in” his videos, likes being part of the community even if he stands out.

“I dont amply fit in and I know this, but thats ok. Im not trying to be come a professional YouTuber Im not 19 and very tiny, ” he joked. “But it’s easy to be friends with Team Internet parties, they are supportive and fun.”

He used to split his time between Germany and Los Angeles. Now he’s in Los Angeles full season, are seeking to make a living as not only a YouTuber but likewise an actor.

“Its not the same everyday, ” he said. “I am doing some voiceover drive, auditions. I still shape videos.”

He’s working on another indie activity Johnny Fist which he facilitated money on Indiegogo last year. He too just registered an animal-themed music album( all proceeds will go to his charity of pick: Wags& Walks ).

Ultimately, Borg’s goal is to continue doing a bit of everything.

On IMDB, he’s described as a “musician, DJ, multitude, performer, hype-man and writer.”

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