Floyd Mayweather offers brand-new expressions to engaged UFC star Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has told ESPN he wants to take over UFC star for $100 m and lent: Conor McGregor hinders telling everybody he wants to fight – gives make it happen

Floyd Mayweather has said he will come out of retirement to crusade Conor McGregor but only if he gets paid $100 m (8 2m) and the Irish UFC star is prepared to take a career-high $15 m( 12 m ), plus a minor slice of the pay-per-view revenue.

Meanwhile, the 38 -year-old Manny Pacquiao, who had been hoping for a rematch with Mayweather, has agreed to defend his WBO welterweight title against a little-known Queensland schoolteacher, Jeff Horn, in Brisbane in April, is in accordance with unconfirmed reports in Australia. It is part of a three-fight departure Pacquiaos promoter, Bob Arum, is organising for the Filipino senator.

It is the Mayweather-McGregor fight that would create the substantially big buzz, nonetheless, which says much about the regime of boxing and the rise of mixed martial arts. Regardless of the fact it would be a inconsistency, it still might be the richest campaign in either pushing self-discipline in 2017.

Mayweather, who moves 40 next month and retired undefeated in September 2015, has taunted his devotees for months with future prospects of having one more fight to outstrip the 49 -0 be reported that he currently shares with Rocky Marciano.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, the American said: Im saying right here: Conor McGregor maintains telling everybody he craves the fight tells make it happen.

We tried to draw the fight. They know what my count is. My count was a guaranteed $100 m. Were the -Aside and I dont known better much coin he has stirred? Im pretty sure he hasnt even stirred $10 m from an MMA contest. But we are willing to give him $15 m and then we can talk about splitting percentages per, the back-end percentage on pay-per view.

But of course were the -Aside. How can a guy talk about $20 m or $30 m if hes never even realized$ 8m or$ 9m[ for one fighting ]?

In his penultimate form in May 2015, Mayweather separate a record $340 m handbag 60/40 with Pacquiao and boosted his go for an estimated $300 m with his share of the pay-per-view. Nonetheless, the cachet of both champions has faded and Mayweather has little or no interest in a rematch. Afforded the reaction to a bout that inevitably disheartened after serial adjournments over five years, neither is there a great hunger for it among boxing fans.

The only thing Im perhaps very interested in, Mayweather contributed, is the Conor McGregor combat. Im a businessman, and it induces more business sense.

McGregor, who recently acquired a boxing licence in California, has already been to respond.

This article was revised on 12 January 2017. An earlier form incorrectly suggested that Rocky Marciano had a 50 -0 record.

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