Fighter Knocks Down Opponent And Referee In Brutally Bizarre Win

Three males filled the ring during a recent Max Muay Thai bout in Thailand — but simply one was left standing.

Fighter Gou Dakui pummeled opponent Super X Sitsontidech to the point that the umpire stepped in to stop Saturday’s match, For The Win reported. But Dakui, looking for an emphatic finish, didn’t appear to see the ref and launched a ferocious kick intended for Super X. It inadvertently threw the government officials in the face.

Down disappeared the ref. Down proceeded Super X as well.

“That is something I have never seen in over 30 years of watching muay thai, ” the TV announcer said in the clip.

The beaten fighter and the referee did not appear to lose consciousness but, wow.

Another referee entered the ring to brandish off the fight because Super X could not continue, MMA Fighting reported. Dakui was given the second-round victory despite the unusual finish, according to The Sun.

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