Fatal encounters: 97 deaths point to decoration of margin agent violence across America

In the last 15 times, agents with Customs and Border Protection have exploited deadly force in governments up to 160 miles from the border, from Maine to California

For six long years the family of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez have been caught in a legal epic attempting right for the 16 -year-old who was killed by a US border patrol agent who shot 16 seasons from Arizona into Mexico.

Ending criminal proceedings that have dragged on since 2012, a jury last week cleared agent Lonnie Swartz of second-degree carnage and had not been able agree on a judgment for two lesser indictments of manslaughter. The shooting has made adjudicators up to the US supreme court to deliberate whether the American government can be sued in civil court for wrongful deaths on Mexican soil- rank the incident, and eight other cross-border fatal shootings, at the centre of investigation circumventing the use of force by agents in response to allegedly hurl rocks.


However, lesser known are same shootings which have occurred inside the US. Such as that of Francisco Javier Dominguez Rivera, who was shot and killed “execution-style”, in the language of a wrongful fatality disorder the government paid $850,000 to colonize. An Arizona agent responding to an alerting from the National Guard in 2007 asserts Rivera threatened him with a stone.

Ten years later, the Department of Justice agreed another improper death assert concerning a rock-throwing allegation in California for $500,000.

The shootings are simply part of a greater litany of Habits and Border Protection agency-related brutality within the US. Encounters have proven deadly for at least 97 beings- citizens and non-citizens- since 2003, a counting be learned from agreement fee data, court accounts, use of force records, incident reports and news articles.

From Maine to Washington state and California to Florida, the deaths stem from all manner of CBP activity. Border agents manning estate traverses and a checkpoint have applied deadly coerce, as have agents deporting roving patrols- up to 160 miles inland from the border.

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