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Image caption Thaer and Olympian Joe Cordina are childhood pals

When Team GB’s triumphing players touched down at Heathrow they were met by bunch of adoring love. BBC News met a few of them.

“The sacrifice Joe has put in is staggering, ” said Thaer Al-Shayei as “hes taking” pictures of the swelling crowd at Terminal 5.

He was there to collect Welsh boxer Joe Cordina, who was unfortunately removed from the lightweight division in Rio at the last 16 stage.

Childhood sidekicks, the pair grew up together in St Mellons, in Cardiff, and even spar together.

“I’m so proud of him; he acted amazing – they all did, ” said 35 -year-old Thaer, who is a boxing coach and relevant actors, having appeared in the Welsh comedy series, Stella.

And Thaer’s sentiment is one which echoed around the reachings hall.

A tiny, dedicated group of followers had gone to the airport exactly to catch a glimpse of their heroes. Other travellers exclusively grabbed a lucky peek between connecting flights.

One person who definitely fits into the former category is father-of-one Ben Brind.

Image caption Ben Brind and his one-year-old son Arthur were there to spot the exultant women’s hockey team

The 38 -year-old, from Luton, and his son Arthur were hoping to see the women’s hockey team, who prevailed amber after overcoming the Dutch in the final.

“They’re an brainchild, and their win will boost the athletic tremendously, ” said Ben.

Ben is a hockey enthusiast and has played video games since he was 18. He even convened his partner through hockey, while on tour with his team.

“Sport is character structure and it can change lives, and that’s why we’re all here today to recognise the achievement of objectives that have been made.”

For Ben, other stand-out performances include Andy Murray, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott.

“Murray has definitely acquired me round, you can’t disclaim he employs his soul into it.”

Image caption Lily and Jasmine Pritchard are both members of the Heathrow Gymnastics Club and were on hand to wave flags
Image caption The Kiflom family from Southall, west London, said the diving pond growing light-green was their most memorable Rio minute
Image caption Wapping Hockey Club members waited the longest to examine Team GB’s athletes
Image caption Georgie Willis, 18, who was hovering out to Philadelphia, said Rio 2016 had invigorated her to take up rowing when she starts at Oxford University afterward in the year
Image caption Trevor and Lynn Bowman said they were as “proud as punch” of Team GB as they stopped by to testify their approbation, before manager off to New York to celebrate their fourth marry anniversary

But for 11 -year-old Joseph Tassell, who was at international airports to say goodbye to his pa, Nick, who was running out to Tokyo, Tom Daley was the big name on his lips.

“I was so disappointed he didn’t get through to the final, ” he said.

Joseph, who discovered Daley prevail bronze at the London 2012 tournaments, is about to start academy at Southborough High School in Surbiton, and said he liked the camaraderie of the Olympics.

“I like the friendship of it – parties of other countries are coming together to play-act sport.”

Image caption Nick Tassell, who was flying out on business to Tokyo and his son Joseph, 11

The fans’ funding was likewise recognised by the athletes who expended hour signing autographs and constituting for pictures.

Doing the rounds were Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge, who claimed bronze in the men’s badminton doubles.

“People are just coming up to me and saying ‘well done’, it’s overwhelming, ” Marcus told the BBC News website.

“It’s just so nice to see, without the fans we wouldn’t be here. The supporting has been incredible.”

Image caption Chris Langridge and Marcus Ellis construed off China to prevail copper in the badminton

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