Drake is threatening ‘f ** k up’ concert attendee he recognizes searching a girl

It’s heartwarming to learn Drake living up to his honour for being a softie who respects the ladies.

Multiple Instagram videos of the rapper’s Marquee Sydney afterparty performance on Nov. 15 show Drake announcing out an audience member for seeking young women or girls.

During a act of” Know Yourself ,” Drake appears to be glancing at a harasser several times before halting the line and putting an end to his behavior himself.

” If you don’t stop stroking girls, I’mma come out there and fuck you up. I’m not played with you, bro. I’m not played with you ,” Drake said.” If you don’t stop putting your hands on girlfriends, I’mma come out there and fuck you up myself .”

Like any woman-majority audience would react to a boy fetching down the mighty mic descend of right, the gathering lost your mind. The videos seem uncertain as far as what happens next–security on the left end of Drake seem concentrate on hoisting someone over the barrier and out of the pit, though it’s unclear if the offender is being removed.

Yeah, I just can’t get enough of good guy Drake. Let’s watch that shit again.

https :// www.instagram.com/ p/ BbinvNRDWfE/? taken-at= 11123362

And again.

https :// www.instagram.com/ p/ BbhSE6 9j2tM/? taken-by= louisesukari

And again…

https :// www.instagram.com/ p/ BbjTiv3FMor/? taken-at= 11123362

H/ T Jezebel

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