Daniel Cormier takes pay cut to help save UFC 200 … and becomes a scoundrel

After Jon Joness withdrawal Daniel Cormier should have been a hero in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Instead he was treated to a chorus of boos

Boos spouted down on the one male boxer who had done nothing to spoil the top of UFC 200 but what could Daniel Cormier do? He was the loser on a night when he was actually a win and nothing of it made any feel. His headline fighting against Jon Jones blew up on Wednesday night when his opposing are positive for a censored element. Instead of walking out on his employer Cormier countenanced a last-second fight against one of the largest UFC champs, Anderson Silva, for half the money he was going to make.

And now they were booing him? For saving the episode? For acquiring? Daniel Cormier should have been the hero of the darknes. Instead he was everybodys bad guy.

What value is there in doing the right thing? Cormier maybe should have left UFC 200 s lineup the moment the organizations chairman Dana White told her all about Joness neglected test. But doing so would have detriment the card in the UFCs signature event. Cormier didnt want to do that, so he let the UFC stayed him with Silva and took everybodys wrath.

None of this was easy to do. Cormier had spent months preparing to fight Jones, a soldier he hates and in an instant that the project works was broken. The addressed with Silva wasnt finalized until Thursday night, leaving him hours to prepare before Fridays weigh-in. Then Saturday he moved into the episode he saved and went booed.

The love in Las Vegass brand new arena apparently required a battle with hovering fists and swaying legs, simply Cormier doesnt do operating fists and swaying legs. Hes a wrestler, an Olympian. His best weapon is battling. And so on Saturday night, against a whiz he has never crusade, weighing 10 pounds little, he did the smart concept. He wrestled. The more he battled the more the arena fitted with boos.

I cant actually pay attention to that anymore, he said late Saturday night, after he watched Silvas tutors carrying the onetime middleweight champion around the ring on their shoulders as if it was Silva who had triumphed. Parties dont understand the situation I had this week.

By agreeing to fight Silva, Cormier was in horrible point. He was taking on a great champ who is immensely favourite and also someone who has not officially won a UFC fight in four years, who is two months move from gallbladder surgery and hasnt improved since. Silva, he knew, would fight with centre. That contending would invigorate fans who longed for the purposes of an upset and it would realise Cormier a rogue. He couldnt prevail, even when he did.

Silva never had a hope of win in the octagon. Cormier virtually plucked him off his feet, pinned him to the mat and set on him for three rounds while repeatedly punching him about the honcho. The love did not experience meeting their hero considered this poorly even if it was the right tactic for Cormier to employ. They possibly didnt know that Joness positive research coerced UFC officials to cut Cormiers pay for the fight from$ 1m to $500,000. This while knowing that another former endorse, Brock Lesnar, was going $2.5 m despite not having opposed in the UFC for five years.

None of this was fair. Cormier knew it wasnt fair. But what could he say? He had to fight the fight he had been given and accept the money that was offered. He had operated soldiers in from all over the world to improve him prepare for Jones, he was still over heavines, well into his exercising plan to cut an extra few pounds before Fridays weigh-in. He didnt have a proper plan for Silva. He is a male of attires and procedure. He dislikes disruptions to his procedure.

I went out there and fought, there are a lot of people who wouldnt do that, he said. The threat versus the honor was not in my advantage, honestly.

The reward was watching the man he thumped soundly being treated like the win. Silva himself knew he was likely moving into a demolish but he told me he wanted to defy himself, which is why he called the UFC and asked to oust Jones despite his lack of readying. He said his children told him he was crazy for taking the fight.

Silva appears to feed off the boom audience and the excite of standing in the octagon, which is now being the last region he would have imagined being merely three days before. He purported a few knocks at his foe but it was fruitless; Cormier readily took him down.

Stand them up! the devotees chanted at the reviewer. He did so once, to a huge bellowing, before Cormier pulled Silva back to the canvas and flopped on top of him. Down came the boos. And it didnt seem fair.

Why boo the one man who saved the working day?

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