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Labour has accused the Conservatives of “hypocrisy” over the Boxing Day “standstill” on the rail network.

A large number of rail operators are not leading any services, with a very limited busines operating on others.

Labour said that in opposition the Tories had “attacked the Boxing Day railing shutdown”, but done nothing about it while in government.

The Department for Transport said it was for develop hustlers to decide on the level of service on specific days.

Rail operators that are not extending assistances on Boxing Day include Arriva Trains Wales, c2C, CrossCountry, East Midlands, Grand Central, Great Northern, Great Western, London Midland, Northern Rail, South West, Thameslink, TransPennine Express and Virgin.

The Christmas period also attends 200 specifies of railing engineering operates to be undertaken, with London, Manchester and Cardiff among the cities thump, and Heathrow Express is also suspended for six days.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said: “Tory ministers’ handling of the Boxing Day rail standstill is building it much harder for families and friends to visit one another this Christmas break.

“In opposition the Tories criticized the Boxing Day rail shutdown. They’ve now had more than six years old to do something about it but haven’t.

“Their lack of activity, even despite the chaos of previous years, is a perception they don’t certainly care about it at all. The Tory hypocrisy on this issue is astounding.”

Storm disruption warning

A Department for Transport spokeswoman said: “Deciding the level of service on specific daytimes is a matter for develop operators.

“But we know some passengers want to travel on Boxing Day, and that’s why we have worked with the rail industry to ensure there are limited assistances on some franchises on that day, and that the scope for Boxing Day services is considered when we are planning future franchises.

“Network Rail and qualify corporations have ensured that a large part of the railway will remain open over the Christmas/ New Year interval and alternative directions are plied where the lines are closed for crucial engineering toil, and that these are communicated properly to the public.”

Travellers are also being urged to check weather conditions before giving off as Storm Conor pitches on northern parts of the UK.

A yellow-bellied “be aware” warning has been issued for western and northern Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England.

After a pause following disruption caused by Storm Barbara, high winds and snow are about to sweep across parts of northern Scotland, peaking on Boxing Day when gales could reach 90 mph.

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